What You Should Consider For A Change Of Look

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What You Should Consider For A Change Of Look
What You Should Consider For A Change Of Look
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Making the decision to make a change of look is not easy. However, if you put yourself in expert hands, the transformation will be easier and the results will be as expected

If you are one of those who perhaps has had a bad experience on other occasions that you have tried, I recommend that you visit a beauty salon where they know you or have specialists in make-up. Taking this into account we visited the Avant Garde Salon and Spa in the city of Miami and they gave us the following recommendations to take this step.

When is the best time to do a makeover?

"For a change of look there is no special date or time," Marcelo Martínez, a hair care specialist, told us. “The perfect moment is when you are convinced that you want a change, be it to modernize your image or strengthen your personality. However, if you are looking for a recommendation of when to do it, then I suggest that these be times like when you start college, when you leave college, when you change a romantic situation, when you change jobs or when you go on a trip. Key moments in your life in which you want the change you are going through to be total,”added Marcelo.

What should we consider before making the change

Let's talk when the change is in the look of the hair. Martínez recommends that although the change is basic, you should consult a specialist and request a hair diagnosis. Why? This helps you to know the structure of your hair, what state it is in and, most importantly, the hair specialist can tell you what you need to keep it healthy and beautiful. In this consultation, the specialist must recommend treatments that help you restructure it by means of hair therapies, cut ends, with finishing products, among others.

How to know what change I should undergo to improve my appearance

Perhaps the change you have in mind is not the necessary one and it is another that you have not considered. For example you want to cut your hair but you are not sure which cut suits you best. Martínez recommends that you try a wig that resembles the cut you have in mind. On the other hand, if you want to wear longer hair and don't want to wait, Martínez, who is also a specialist in hair extensions, recommends that you use hair extensions. "Extensions are the best option when we want to achieve a change in hair length. Currently there are very effective techniques and the quality of the hair in the extensions is unbeatable, "said the expert.

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Learn how to maintain a young and wrinkle-free face What we must take into account to choose the look change

“With haircuts it is very important that the stylist takes into account the shape of your face, regardless of whether you have long or short hair. For example: if you have an oval face, a few layers of hair at the level of your chin will be ideal to balance the thinnest part of your face. If you have a long face, you can try bangs, they can hide the length of your face. If yours is a square face, waves with volume are the solution; in addition, they give the appearance of a more elongated face”, Martínez recommended.

Not everything that is fashionable will make you look better

“Currently the straight or curl detail is not established as any of these types of hair do not go out of style. However, we can consider straight hair for something casual and wave hairstyles for something special, "said the expert. “For the autumn - winter seasons I recommend dark reds and beige blonde highlights. It is in these times of the year it is convenient to make a change of look with radical colors since they can be easier than during the summer,”said Marcelo.

You found the look you wanted, now, how can you prolong it?

If what you changed was straight to wavy or curl, you should always use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and a styling hydrocream, ideal for this type of treatment. If you changed it to straight short, use the hair straightener along with a finishing product such as oil and apply it only on the ends. And if your change was long straight hair, it is important to use conditioner and hair treatment masks, even finishing creams.

Finally, if it was a color change, the renowned stylist pointed out that you should use appropriate products to maintain color in your hair, perform hair therapies month by month in the salon or a treatment cream at home; in addition to using sulfate-free shampoos and retouching the roots at least every fortnight.

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