These Are The Beauty Trends For Fall-winter 2019/2020

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These Are The Beauty Trends For Fall-winter 2019/2020
These Are The Beauty Trends For Fall-winter 2019/2020
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This new autumn-winter 2019/2020 season brings us refined and highly refined makeup with strategic touches of color on the lips, cheeks and eyelids. As for hair and nails, we will also see classic shades that once again star in the trends

Makeup to wear in the fall


"Although it seems common, this season the gaze becomes the absolute protagonist of the autumn look," said Antonia Rutherford, makeup artist and stylist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa. “After preparing your face with concealers and foundation to hide imperfections, frame your eyes by defining your eyebrows well and, above all, working on your lashes. Bet on a mask that provides volume and whose brush helps you group them. You can also consider eyelash extensions, which are very fashionable or conventional eyelashes.

As for the lips, the trend of the new season is the color red, although especially note the finish that is achieved with it by painting the thickness of the lips, but leaving the corner and the line that delimits them halfway. Choose matte lipsticks”, adds the expert.


Antonia is betting this season on the homogeneity of the eyelids, shading evenly with a single color from the tear to the outermost part of the eye, and from the upper lash line to the eyebrow. Complete this look with a tone from the same range for the lips.

In summary, I can tell you that this season we must achieve a face without blemishes, a marked contour and lips with a subtle touch of color and highly hydrated. These are the ingredients with which you will achieve a look like that proposed by the season. It keeps makeup intact with fixing sprays that also hydrate and refresh the skin, "added Antonia.

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What you must take into account to make a change of look


We spoke with several specialist stylists from Avant Garde Salon and Spa and they updated us on what we will be seeing this coming season.

"To work the hair well, it must be smooth and conditioned, so it is essential to apply softening products and in a balm format, so that it is easier for you to create and fix the hair," said Haime Camacho. She also pointed out that in this new season we will see many styles with the stripe on one side, especially flattering on long and very straight manes.

If you want short hair

As for styles for short hair, pixie will continue to be preferred. There are several versions to choose from, but the one with slightly longer hair in bangs and nape will be among the most popular.

If you want long hair

Long hair allows many different types of cuts: spike, scaled, with more or less layers and with long bangs.

If you want half hair

Half-lengths are the most comfortable and flattering haircut for fall-winter 2019/2020. There are many different cuts to choose from, but this asymmetric is one of the most fashionable.

Layered cutting

The layered cut comes strong for this new season. If your hair is curly you are in luck because curls are one of the hairstyles that we will see the most.

Let's talk about hair colors:

"Once the cut has been decided, we have to find out what hair color we want to wear, if we plan to change it, even a little," Marcelo Martínez began. We can assure that the copper, three-dimensional brown and blonde tones in all its versions will be key this fall-winter 2019/2020

The blonde highlights

“The blond streaks are still preferred by many women and it is that they always rejuvenate and give volume to the mane. There are many ways to apply them, consult your stylist and choose the one you like best and adapt it to your color and haircut,”added Marcelo.


The enamels of pearly colors. "The glamor of the 60s is back," said Joaquín Manuel, who has already launched his fall-winter 2019 collection and who he called FENIX. Eight seasonal colors are included in this new collection, including four irresistible pearlescent.

"This season presents a new proposal in the tones that we will use in the manicure, and that is that the colors or the pearly details have come very strongly. Above all, the shades related to precious metals such as gold or silver stand out, but they also alternate with other trends such as purple or red, "said the expert.

Among the creamy tones, Joaquín Manuel told us about the color brown as one of the tones of the season. "Last year it was blue but this fall-winter season of 2019/2020 we find the color brown as the protagonist."

In general, earth colors will be predominant this fall in all its intensities: from the most nude, to the most intense and striking colors. "However, we can assure that the enamels with a pearly finish will be totally in fashion!" Said the expert in hand and foot care.

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