11 Bad Habits You Should Avoid Doing To Your Hair

11 Bad Habits You Should Avoid Doing To Your Hair
11 Bad Habits You Should Avoid Doing To Your Hair
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Much is said about what we must do to take care of our hair and make it healthy and beautiful. However, it is important that we are clear about what we should NOT do because it weakens, dries out, or deteriorates it and we do not manage to wear the hair we want.

When we asked Haime Camacho of Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami to list the things that we should not do to our hair, the first thing he said to us is that it is not only to condition it and visit the salon regularly, but also to be pending some habits that unknowingly harm the health of our scalp and hair.

Let's start with:

  1. You don't have to cut your hair regularly. If you think that cutting your hair very often will make your hair grow more, you are wrong. I recommend that you visit your hairdresser regularly to examine the condition of your hair and advise you of the treatments and products you need.
  2. Don't open split ends. The worst thing you can do is open them. This causes your hair to weaken, lose life and split.
  3. Don't do hairstyles with wet hair. Any hairstyle that you want to do as braids or collected should wait until the hair is completely dry. If you do it with wet hair what you will cause is the hair to split and weaken.
  4. If they need to use a drying tool or get straightened, I recommend using products that protect hair from the heat. This way you avoid mistreating it.
  5. Hair should not be detangled from above. To untangle the hair they must start from the ends up.
  6. Don't dry your hair when it's too wet. Wait for it to dry a little, or dry it as much as you can with the towel. This will prevent you from exposing it to the heat of the dryers too much and avoiding drying it out. "I always recommend waiting until 60% of your hair is dry to start pulling it out to prevent it from breaking," Haime said.
  7. Do not abuse the products. Try to use organic products but if you opt for the conventional ones do not abuse them, since most of them are very high in alcohol and other chemicals that harm the hair.
  8. Avoid queuing your hair too often- “It is very common to see girls with their hair in a ponytail. It is not that it is entirely bad but it tries not to do it so often”, Camacho pointed out. This is very damaging as so much pressure is exerted that weakens the scalp.
  9. Don't stain it yourself. "Unless it is an emergency and you did not have time to go to the hairdresser, try to dye your hair in a beauty salon and by a beauty professional," insisted the stylist. "Dyeing it yourself, even if it seems like a good option, is a science and it is better to leave it in expert hands before ending a disaster in the hair," he added.
  10. Don't abuse too hot water. Like irons or dryers, hot water damages the hair a lot, try to wash it with cold water, you will notice the difference. "If you can't stand very cold water, make it warm, but try to make the last rinse with cold water," he said.
  11. Do not use the same product for a long time. In general, our hair has different needs, especially when we live in countries where we spend the 4 different seasons of the year. "My recommendation is that at least every three months, vary products according to the needs you see in your hair and scalp and the weather conditions," concluded Haime.

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