How To Care For Your Makeup Brushes Correctly

How To Care For Your Makeup Brushes Correctly
How To Care For Your Makeup Brushes Correctly
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Let's be honest, how often do you wash your makeup brushes? Every week ?, every year maybe? It doesn't matter if you are an expert in makeup, or if you only wear makeup on special occasions; Keeping your brushes in good condition is essential to avoid the generation of bacteria and fungi that can damage your skin.

According to makeup experts, the type of brush you have will determine how often you should wash it. For example, the brushes you use for foundation, contouring and other heavy products should be cleaned after each use and washed at least once a week … (wait, what ?!) By cleaning we mean removing the excess product that remains on the brush after each use; and by washing them, then, it is clear.

So, every time you finish putting on your foundation or concealer, the ideal is to remove the excess product to avoid the accumulation of it, and you should wash them thoroughly at least once a week. On the other hand, the brushes you use in the eye area should be washed at least twice every month, while the rest of the brushes you can wash once a month.

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Damaris Flores, professional makeup artist, emphasizes the variety of products that can be used to properly wash our brushes. "We don't always have time to wash them, so we can rely on sprays or wipes that make cleaning easier," he says. The makeup expert recommends baby soap as a perfect product that will not harm our brushes. In addition, it mentions the Cinema Secret cleaner as a great ally for those who need a quick and effective cleaning.

“In addition to this, brush washing gloves help us remove every last trace of product. Let's not forget to keep them clean since we will also be taking care of our skin”, says the expert.

And although the market offers a host of special products to wash your brushes such as soaps, wipes and cleaning bases, the truth is that you only need the basics: a mild soap, warm water and the palm of your hand.

And to wash them the right way, follow these steps:

  1. With the strands of your brushes down, soak them in warm water (prevent water from entering the base of your brushes).
  2. Put a little mild soap in the palm of your hand.
  3. Gently rub the fibers of your brushes into the soap until you see that the product has disappeared. If necessary, rinse and repeat.
  4. Rinse the brush (remember to always do it with the strands down).
  5. Remove excess water with a clean towel or napkin that leaves no residue on your brushes.
  6. Shape the strands.
  7. Let them out, preferably in an upright position and make sure that the fibers do not touch any surface.

As you can see, maintaining the good condition of your brushes is not complicated. And although you are not very assiduous to makeup, try to wash them following the advice we have given you.

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