Keep Your Feet Well Groomed Also During Winter

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Keep Your Feet Well Groomed Also During Winter
Keep Your Feet Well Groomed Also During Winter
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When winter comes we don't worry about fixing our feet because we usually have them covered. However, grooming our feet is not only a matter of aesthetics, it is also health

We interviewed Joaquín Manuel, creator of the line of enamels that bear his name and are free from the seven toxins that affect health, and he emphasized to us how important it is to take care of our feet even in the winter.

"When temperatures drop, our whole body, our rhythm of life and our habits of personal care, especially our feet, are affected," Joaquín Manuel told us.

Here are some of the main recommendations that the expert gave us.

Keep them covered with natural fibers

Use wool or cotton socks, as these materials do not squeeze and do not hinder blood circulation.

Use moisturizers

Apply them create and put the socks on. In this way you can repair cracks and normalize the structure of the epidermis. Do not wait until your feet are dry to take care of them.


Do not alter your appointments to visit the beauty salon to fix your feet. As I always emphasize to my clients, it is not only to make them look pretty but also for their health. Take care of the cuticle, cut the nails and keep them dry.

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Recommendations for before and after a treatment of Botox Alcohol and tobacco

It reduces or, even better, eliminates tobacco and alcohol, since both contribute to dehydration of the epidermis, which increases the risk of chilblains. Try to eat foods like cinnamon, cayenne, or pepper, and vitamins E, K, and C can cause more blood to flow to your feet, as they help your heart rate.


Make sure that your shoes allow perspiration to your feet. With this you will be preventing it from getting wet and, consequently, increasing the feeling of cold.

winter sports

If you live in a city where the temperature drops so much that you can practice winter sports, it is essential that you wear specific socks to prevent chafing and blisters and that you keep your feet dry at a suitable temperature.

Avoid too high direct temperatures

Do not put your feet near a stove or hot bag, as this increases the chances of chilblains appearing.

Wear the right shoes

I recommend using ankle boots with thick soles since these maintain better the temperature of the foot, unlike, for example, ballerinas or flat shoes. Make sure they are waterproof since if your feet get wet and you don't have time to dry them and change your socks, they can have very bad consequences.

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