The Kind Of Makeup That Is A Boom This Christmas And New Year

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The Kind Of Makeup That Is A Boom This Christmas And New Year
The Kind Of Makeup That Is A Boom This Christmas And New Year

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Christmas and the end of the year arrived, and now how do I do my makeup? As we are also in the same run to define the makeup that we will wear during these holidays, we decided to ask for help from a professional makeup artist, who will tell you what type of make up is in fashion.

Follow her advice, take note and wear that beautiful dress with makeup that highlights your cute face. Become the party boom!

The base, in cream or liquid?

The professional makeup artist Gustavo Vargas, owner of the Gustavo Vargas Professional beauty line, exclusively recommended that the most suitable is the liquid, since it hydrates your skin more by containing water and oils because it makes your face look less heavy and the end result is a more natural makeup.

"The cream bases leave a matte and cooler finish, so for this Winter 2018 season it is correct that you bet on more hydrating products to keep the skin healthy, despite the low temperatures," he explains.

The perfect lipstick

The color that you never get out of this holiday season is without a doubt red. This lipstick has the magic to get you out of monotony and scientifically there are two reasons why you have to say "yes" to paint your mouth in red tones.

1. Makes you look younger: How wonderful! A study from Gettisburg College, Pennsylvania, came to this conclusion, stating that as you age, as the years pass, the lips lose their natural color and become paler. By painting them with a red bar, they come alive, become more impressive and give the illusion of greater youth.

2. It gives you more confidence: We are not saying it, a research by Harvard and Procter & Gamble discovered it, concluding after analyzing the responses of 100 people who opined on photos of women with strong makeup and others with natural makeup than the first they perceived themselves as more competent.

But not only red will be a trend, pink and coral tones also have space.

“In winter we can also use nude lipsticks, the neutral tones are very appropriate for this season. The retro-romantic style prevails this season, but remember that it is very important that your makeup is very in accordance with what you are wearing, "adds the stylist also from Telemundo and Univisión.

Shades in golden tones are a must

To get a deep look and be the boom of the party put an eye shadow in gold or silver tones, perfect for these dates mixed with plum brown and gray shades.

"Make sure that all the colors are well blurred and apply shadow to both the upper eyelid and the lower area of ​​the eye."

Fine eyeliner

When you are going to use the eyeliner, Gustavo recommends that you use a black or dark brown color on the upper eyelid, draw a fine or medium line for a more natural and fresh look, accentuating the lashes more to give a festive effect.

Bet on false or natural lashes?

Although the most natural make up is a trend for this season, the beauty expert gives you “permission” to use false hair. Of course, those that have a small or medium size.

If, on the other hand, you want to give prominence to yours, with a curler with a brush that lengthens and shapes them, you will look perfect.

Eyebrows that mark your face

This year the natural eyebrows have devastated. For this month the defined and outlined ones continue in trend, in addition to having a medium or thick thickness. If you don't know how to draw them.

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Discover the correct order of makeup in just 7 steps

The infaltables

The illuminator and the gloss! These two products work like the cherry on your makeup cake.

The correct way to apply the highlighter is after the base and at the level of the cheekbones. This tip adds light to your face and makes you look more beautiful, while the gloss adds volume to your lips. What girl refuses to make her mouth look more sensual?

Wear this makeup and be the boom this Christmas and New Year!

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