Celebrity Makeup Artist Millie Morales Shares Her Secrets

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Millie Morales Shares Her Secrets
Celebrity Makeup Artist Millie Morales Shares Her Secrets

Video: Celebrity Makeup Artist Millie Morales Shares Her Secrets

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Video: Celebrity Makeup Artist's Beauty Secrets 2023, February

The makeup artist and hairdresser of the stars, Millie Morales, tells us her best beauty tips

Celebrities like Gaby Espino, Roselyn Sánchez, Elizabeth Gutiérrez or Chiquinquirá Delgado are just some of her VIP clients, that is why we wanted to ask her what the tastes of celebrities are and what advice she would give us to put them into practice.

What trends do you recommend for the festive season in terms of makeup and hair?

      MM: I always recommend collected, as a ponytail, bun, a beautiful braid and if it is loose, a Glam Hollywood look with well-marked and well-structured waves, since we are usually outside and sometimes the weather does not help us to maintain divine loose hair, and generally the clothes also lend themselves to elegant collected.

You work with many celebrities, what trends do you feel that celebrities like to go to different events?

      MM: Most of the celebrities love to show off their hair, so loose, whether they are straight or wavy hair, but loose, I think it goes a lot with us Latinas

What basics can never be missing from your beauty routine, regardless of the time of year?

      MM: Maintaining a good routine of caring for my skin and hair throughout the year is essential. For example, I can not miss Garnier micellar water to clean my skin and since we launched the Water Rose Micellar Cleansing Water that is the one I use day, night and when I return from the gym to clean impurities. And then he placed the Garnier Water Rose Gel passing an ice cube over my face to refresh and deflate my face.

Can you tell us about a change of look that you have recently made to a famous one?

    MM: I made a change of color and cut to Chiqui Delgado, making it darker, previously it had a gradient with golden and caramel lighting, and now it is all darker, medium brown, maintaining and adding more shine to her hair and the cut is we made it a little more even.

    • Ana Patricia we just cut her medium long hair and we made her a beautiful longbob and I darkened her taking her the closest thing to her natural hair color but a darker tone, she looked beautiful!
    • Tip: Whenever we want to dye our hair and do it at home, it is easier to darken than to lighten, what we have to look for are products that favor our hair, instructions and important ingredients. For example, the Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver has an immense variety of colors and while it adds color to your hair, it hydrates and nourishes it with ingredients such as avocado, shea oils and olive oil that it contains, in addition the container indicates very Well all the steps to follow as if you had a Millie giving you directions.

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