Know The Bad Beauty Habits You Should Avoid In The New Year

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Know The Bad Beauty Habits You Should Avoid In The New Year
Know The Bad Beauty Habits You Should Avoid In The New Year

Video: Know The Bad Beauty Habits You Should Avoid In The New Year

Video: Know The Bad Beauty Habits You Should Avoid In The New Year
Video: 7 BAD BEAUTY HABITS THAT MAKE YOU LOOK OLDER | skip2mylou 2023, June

A year is over and the new new resolutions begin. It is at this time we commit ourselves to improve and change habits that we know are not correct

To help us identify and improve them, we spoke with Haime Camacho, beauty specialist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in the city of Miami and The Beauty Alchemist, Dr. Maribel Pedrozo.

"With the new year, positive changes must come so that we feel proud of ourselves and above all we can enjoy the results of having taken action," began the celebrity hairdresser and makeup artist.

According to these experts here are the most common bad habits and how to change them:

1 - Rinse the hair with hot water

Heat is aggressive to the scalp and can increase fat production. In addition, it opens the scales of the hair that have less shine. Ideally, the last rinse should be with cold water, but if you don't like cold water, just rinse with a jet of fresh water that will smooth the hair fiber by closing the scales.

2 - Touch the pimples

A big NO, is to squeeze the pimples that come out. “If you do, you will spread the infection and mistreat the skin unnecessarily. The correct thing is to use a treatment so that they disappear. Meanwhile, you can hide them with dark circles concealer. However, preferably visit your beautician to do a deep cleaning or recommend a treatment, "emphasized Dr. Pedrozo.

3 - Choose dark tones if you are over 40 years old

Over the years we must pay attention to the tones that we use in our makeup. Haime explained to us that the base, too golden, marks the features a lot; on the other hand, dark eyelid shadows make the eyes look sunken and brown lips thin the mouth too much.

Camacho recommends using a light makeup base, a tint of transparent powder, a pinkish beige eyeshadow, and a light and cheerful lipstick; They will give you the youthful touch you need.

4 - Be careful how you pluck your eyebrows

If you pluck your eyebrows too much you will get a fine arch that does not favor you at all. Also, the hairs come out in all directions afterwards. Haime recommends that you respect its natural shape and remove only the hairs that are under the arch of the eyebrow and between the eyes. Do not shave the top because it makes the eyelids smaller.

5 - Try makeup on hand

The correct thing is that you apply the product directly to the face, at the level of the maxilla; This way you will avoid demarcation at neck height. Try a small amount and check in natural light.

6 - Apply the dark circles only under the eyes

There are usually dark circles under the lower eyelid, but they are also located in the internal angle, against the nose, which accentuates the bad appearance and the tired face. Apply dark circles in small doses starting at the inner corner and spread with the fingertips.

7 - Painting with intense light

The light when we go to put on makeup is very important because if it is not the right one you will shade the colors a lot and end up applying too much makeup. Haime recommends that you try makeup in daylight, by a window or on the terrace.

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