Write Down These Beauty Resolutions For 2020

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Write Down These Beauty Resolutions For 2020
Write Down These Beauty Resolutions For 2020
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We are already in the long-awaited 2020 and like all new years, the resolutions are coming. However, since we know that we sometimes postpone them or simply do not continue halfway through the year, we consult our beauty experts to help us make these new habits routine.

Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, "The beauty alchemist", clearly emphasized maintaining a care regimen for our skin.

  1. ALWAYS use sunscreen: It is more important and necessary that you apply a little sunscreen before leaving the house. If you put on makeup, but do not like applying sunscreen, only use a base that already has SPF in its formula so that you do not leave the skin uncovered. This is essential so that your face continues to look young and radiant over the years.
  2. Take care of your skin: Usually most of the time we are made up. This makes it even more necessary that at least one day of the week you take a little time to give your skin a little love using a mask to cleanse your skin deeply and feel fresher than ever. As far as you can, visit your beautician to do some treatment according to your needs.
  3. Frequently wash your makeup brushes: The bacteria that can be found in them when we don't clean them are innumerable. I recommend using your makeup remover or a delicate soap. The important thing is that you leave those brushes beautiful and shiny. Your skin will thank you.
  4. Practice something different in your makeup: We spoke with makeup artist Haime Camacho from Avant Garde Salón and Spa and he suggested that this 2020 we should dare to do new things, starting with the lipstick colors you use. Dare to use the color that you like the most at any time of the year, so do not miss the opportunity to wear one and keep all eyes on the street.
  5. NEVER sleep with makeup: Even if you get very tired, never go to sleep without removing your makeup. In case you don't know, sleeping with makeup is one of the biggest causes of premature aging, wrinkles and acne. So, when you arrive and want to lie in bed, better run to the bathroom and remove the makeup, you will sleep happier.
  6. Keep your skin moisturized: We can say that, among other things, the secret of radiant skin with a youthful appearance is in moisturizing. Our morning routine, which also needs to have a hydration boost before applying makeup, is just as important as it is at night, when you also need to apply a moisturizer.
  7. Do not play esthetician and do not squeeze your face: As we know bacteria are a serious thing and they are everywhere. Try to avoid touching a pimple that you have because of the more stress it causes you, better apply a product that will help you put an end to that agony. In the same way, when you have makeup avoid touching yourself too much during the day because that can cause acne.
  8. Drink water: It is difficult, but not impossible. Eliminate soft drinks and juices with too much sugar. The more water you consume, the better your skin, hair, and body will feel.
  9. Evaluate how you are putting on makeup and perfect the technique: Haime recommends that you spend time practicing a technique that you want to perfect, so that you can improve it every time and make it perfect. Ask your makeup artist to give you some tricks on how to apply it.
  10. Take care of your hair: Regarding the care of our hair, Haime suggested that we include a mask in your beauty routine. Ask your hairdresser to take care of the condition of your hair and ask them to apply some treatment to improve it.

Spend time taking care of your hair this new year. If you use the right products, perhaps your hair will be healthy and look beautiful with any style or hairstyle. Visit your favorite hairdresser frequently

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