Learn About The Most Trendy Hair Trends For 2020

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Learn About The Most Trendy Hair Trends For 2020
Learn About The Most Trendy Hair Trends For 2020
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One of the things that most concerns us about our appearance is hair. And more than that, we always want to inform ourselves about the latest color, cuts and hairstyles that best suit us

With the arrival of a new year, hair trends become a priority for those who want to start it with a fresh and renewed image; and it is that, in addition to knowing everything new about hair, we must correctly choose what best suits us.

If you are already wondering what the hair styles will be for this 2020, we tell you that long and natural manes, dried without much effort, is what will prevail this season. This was revealed to us by Marco Peña, a stylist for celebrities such as Thalía, Eva Longoria and Juanes.

And if you are one of those who loves to have long hair, this news will delight you: the extra long hair returns with great force and with a natural wavy texture. The layered and wavy ends of the manes are also imposed. A classic style that never goes out of style.

And what hairstyles are popular for this season?

According to the stylist, ponytails are still present as they are the easiest, most comfortable and fastest option to make. And for the winter season, it is one of the best options to keep your hair in place.

However, Marco gives us a very personal recommendation: "the collected hairstyles are my recommendation for these parties, the traditional low bun tied loosely and with locks on the sides of the face, I love it."

In addition, you can give a twist to the classic ponytail using a hairpin with crystals or vintage-style pearls. In addition, as we could see on past catwalks, this hairstyle can be accompanied with velvet bows or metal chains that give an unexpected and fabulous twist to your look.

But regardless of the adventures you want to live with your hair, you should not forget to take care of it in the right way. If you have subjected your hair to radical changes in color or texture, Marco recommends giving you a hydrating treatment at least once a week. For this you can use the masks in individual packaging Repair and Protect 7 and Instant Recovery Mask by Tresemmé. Also, don't forget to cut your hair regularly so that the hair strand stays strong and free of split ends.

Thus, we wish you that this 2020 is a spectacular and fabulous year for you and your hair.

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