What You Should Know Before Putting On Hair Extensions

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What You Should Know Before Putting On Hair Extensions
What You Should Know Before Putting On Hair Extensions
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The holidays arrive and the need to have our hair ready to enjoy them. There is no doubt that the easiest and fastest way to achieve a flawless look is by using hair extensions

We speak with Marcelo Martínez, from Avant Garde Salon and Spa, expert in the art of placing extensions. Marcelo has spent many years serving celebrities and creating styles with this wonderful accessory.

"Hair extensions are not only to maintain a look, but also to change it, to solve problems such as lack of volume, alter the length, give more life to the cut they already have, etc.," said Marcelo.

“Extensions, in short, are an artificial option that does not harm your hair. People who suffer from constant hair loss, alopecia or little hair have put their trust in extensions. Thus they have been able to counteract this loss or natural absence of hair”, explained the expert.

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"Many people turn to hair extensions because for some reason it is possible that natural hair is taking time to grow or perhaps because they feel terrible regret after cutting." The expert continued to explain.

Taking this into account, Marcelo shared some tips to take into account before selecting the ideal extensions for you.


Take into account first the ideal color that goes perfectly with your natural base or the tones that you already have in your hair. Otherwise you can dye them but follow the recommendations of your stylist. I advise that if you are going to dye them they are natural hair.

  • Identify how long you plan to use the extensions so that your hairdresser knows what type of extensions are best for you. There are several types of extensions; select the most suitable: bonded hair extensions, clip-in extensions, for volume, hair curtains, microring extensions or rings and adhesive extensions.
  • Condition your natural hair to give it life and achieve the perfect union between your base and extensions.
  • EYE, choose extensions according to your hair type. Your hair type is very important because if you have very fine and delicate hair, very heavy extensions do not suit you.
  • You should choose extensions that have the texture that best suits your natural hair. If you have thick, thin hair or whatever its texture, you should choose the same type of extensions. This will make the hair look more natural.
  • Volume is very important. Make sure they are the size, volume and duration you need.
  • There are several types of hair, you can choose between synthetic or natural hair extensions. However, 100% human hair extensions are undoubtedly the most beautiful and those that achieve a totally natural look. They will also last much longer than synthetic ones.

Once you make sure to comply with all of the above, you must take care of them so that they retain their natural appearance, look healthy and bright. Regarding this, Marcelo recommended the following:

How to wash the extensions

Important, before washing the extensions you must comb them to remove any knots that may have formed. Avoid rubbing them or using alcohol products to avoid damaging them as they may start to look dull. Always use fresh water before applying the product. Don't forget to condition and nurture them so they always look healthy. You can choose to use recommended products for hair extensions or resort to homemade methods. Finish by removing it with warm water, not hot.

  • If they are temporary, avoid washing them when you have them on.
  • How to save extensions

    When your extensions are not permanent you can gently remove them. The next step that you should take into account is that they should be brushed and stored in their box, making a kind of ponytail like the one we do for our hair. You must be very careful to avoid damage that affects their appearance.

    • If they are temporary, try not to sleep with them. This will help you keep them pretty for a long time.
    • You must also nourish and protect your scalp. Frequent and careless use of extensions can affect the natural growth of your hair. Hence the importance that before choosing extensions values ​​what you want versus what you need.

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