Makeup Trends For 2020: Say Hello To Glitter

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Makeup Trends For 2020: Say Hello To Glitter
Makeup Trends For 2020: Say Hello To Glitter
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Every time a season of the year ends and begins we begin to see what will be a trend. However, we spoke with Haime Camacho, from the prestigious beauty salon in Miami, Avant Garde Salon and Spa and the first thing that pointed out to us is that it is not only that some color or style is a trend, but that they must help us wear our best look. That is, not what is fashionable is what looks good on me.

Now, taking this into account, Camacho listed what we will be seeing in this new season of 2020 so that we can choose the ones that make us feel most beautiful and confident.

Cheek Colors

We can say that recently American makeup has been adopting Korean beauty trends. This technique is the one that shows us the cheeks loaded with blush but well blurred. Of course, maintaining a balance, without it being exaggerated.

If you are looking for a natural look, you can use the primer of your choice, mix it with your blush and apply it to your cheeks with your fingertips. Always blurring with a sponge or beauty blender.

The most trendy shades are orange, salmon, soft pink and brown

Apply base or not

Remember that the natural look continues to prevail. "The less charged and more natural faces are back, moisturized skins that can be achieved with the application of primers and moisturizer," Haime noted.

"I always recommend using primers if we want to give the impression of a face with" little "makeup," he adds.

β€œFor this the best way to apply it is with a kabuki brush (flat for base), and lastly, blend with a beauty blender. This sponge by itself absorbs the product, but not as much as a brush so it will help us control what type of coverage we want. If there are imperfections, you can use a concealer, "explained the expert.

EYE, these illuminators are used after the first, before the base, with the hands or with a brush for base, blending all over the face.

For lips, nude and glossy prevail

We can say that colored lipsticks will never disappear, because color is always needed to match an overly charged or too fresh face. But it doesn't hurt to try something simple like a simple gloss.

Goodbye to matte lipsticks, a little gloss and a lip tint will be more than enough. Line outside the natural line of your lips with a terracotta or nude liner, then apply a gloss, and voila!

The new lip glosses come in different shades with gold sparkles.

The favorites are terracotta, almond and cranberry

For the effect of large and plump lips, use a lipstick in any nude shade before applying shine.


For this season it is strong to show the eyebrows to the natural, bushy or even tousled.

'To achieve a natural effect, use an eyebrow brush to comb them if you have abundant hair. For its fixation you can use a transparent eyelash mask, eyebrow gel or paste bath soap. The latter works as a gel (with a brow brush take some soap and apply it themselves).


Dare to change that boring black eyeliner for one full color or bright.

A fairly easy option is to apply a shade of color, a single line on the eyelid can make a difference.

With a fine pencil or black liquid eyeliner you can create this daring makeup

Eye color

Neon stays on the eyeshadow palettes. Those tropical will predominate, which will allow us to be creative with a wide range of primary colors. Red, blue, pink, orange, green and yellow promise to be the favorites. Also neutral and pastel shades and the occasional almond, cinnamon and cranberry color. But, like every year, there are always two shades that become very popular. In this case, our winners are the shades here and purple.

Does anything change in your application?

Play with the colors and try not to mix them with bright shades. In these makeups, the shimmers will not have as much prominence, unless they are applied in the areas of the tear and under the lower line of the eye; alone, without any shadow. Pastel shades can be applied alone with a blending brush, a brush that allows us to blur the pigmentation, and accompany them with an elongated black outline.

As a second option is to apply the color as a touch that gives life to your natural shadow in the tear.

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