You Will Be Amazed At The Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Hair

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You Will Be Amazed At The Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Hair
You Will Be Amazed At The Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Hair

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If when you listen to castor oil you only think about its purging properties, you will be surprised to know that beyond being purifying this oil has gained a new reputation in recent years: being a great ally for hair health. Just as you read it

Castor oil is extracted from the plant known as Ricinus communis, native to Africa. According to reports from the Network of Scientific Journals of Latin America and the Caribbean (Redalyc) castor oil contains various carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, although we should not forget its toxic and allergenic compounds, which makes it dangerous to ingest.

In the case of skin use, thousands of Amazon users have shared their experiences on the benefits of using castor oil to promote hair, eyelash and eyebrow growth; Thus, more than 10,000 comments (only in Spanish) testify to the operation of this natural remedy, placing it as one of the best-rated products on said virtual platform.

But, in addition to stimulating hair growth, testimonials affirm that castor oil also helps your hair to have a better shine and color.

Although everything will depend on your personal needs, castor oil can be used as a hair mask after showering, or by mixing a few drops with your shampoo. It is also recommended to heat it in a bain-marie before applying it and then massage the scalp for five minutes. This last recommendation can be made at night, before sleeping, to let it act longer. In the morning, you should remove the oil when showering normally.

Another way to apply it is as follows: after washing your hair, dry it and divide it into sections. Heat one or two tablespoons of the oil and apply it with your fingers from the scalp to the tips. This will help to shine and smooth your hair. You can mix it with almond or coconut oil to disguise its smell a bit.

Although castor oil fever is only just beginning, don't forget that due to its greasy properties it can cause your hair to feel and look heavy. Also, its peculiar smell may not be liked by many people.

If you dare to try it, don't forget to do an allergic reaction test first. Put a little oil on your arm and leave it for a few hours. If you have no reaction, you can proceed without problem. Otherwise, avoid using it as it can cause serious allergic reactions.

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