Dr. Maribel Pedrozo Explains The Benefits Of LED Lights

Dr. Maribel Pedrozo Explains The Benefits Of LED Lights
Dr. Maribel Pedrozo Explains The Benefits Of LED Lights

Video: Dr. Maribel Pedrozo Explains The Benefits Of LED Lights

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Video: LED Light Therapy: What is it and Does it Work? | LED Acne & Anti-Aging 2023, February

I am sure you have heard and seen a lot of information about the benefits of LED lights to delay the signs of aging. It is wonderful that these new technologies can be applied to the world of beauty. "LED lights are increasingly used more as beauty treatments," said the renowned "Beauty Alchemist" Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, a specialist in facial care.

Applied to the face

Pedrozo explained to us that LED visible light technology has a direct action on the skin, with different actions depending on the color they emit (this color is determined by the different wavelengths). This is what is known as photodynamic therapy.

The treatment with LED light helps us to stimulate the production of collagen, and depending on the type of therapy and the wavelength it helps us to mitigate acne and decrease inflammation and congestion of the skin.

Now what are the different colors of LED lights and what are they effective for? On this, Dr. Pedrozo explained to us that:

- Red LEDs stimulate fibroblasts for collagen production and cell renewal, which in turn is a good action as anti-wrinkles, to mitigate sun damage or stretch marks. The skin rejuvenates, looks more radiant and improves in appearance, texture, hydration and firmness.

- Blue LEDs work by stopping the growth of bacteria responsible for acne. It is effective for rosacea, reduces redness and inflammation. With blue light I recommend applying topical treatments, such as retinoic acid, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

-Green LEDs are used when we want to control hyper pigmentation of the skin. These help remove blemishes and darker skin tone by matching overall skin tone. The green light acts against melanocytes, the melanin-forming cells inside the epidermis. Green light inhibits excess melanin production.

-Amber LEDs is a therapy similar to red. It is used for redness, to improve facial capillary problems, and for inflammation and redness from rosacea. It is combined with the red net for general anti aging.

Once the color has been identified according to the patient's need, we must bear in mind that maintenance is very important. "Generally, the protocol for action is six weeks of treatment and then maintenance. Depending on the device used and the power, the exposure time is variable. The frequency is also variable depending on the treatment to follow, "explained the specialist.

Unlike laser treatments and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments, LED light is a visible light that does not heat the skin or cause pain, although it is recommended to protect the eyes when using direct light in the form of a lamp.

"It is very important that LED therapies are combined with a topical treatment with a serum with vitamin C, this will improve cell turnover protecting from the negative effect of radicals," added the expert.

"Most of the studies indicate that light therapy increases the production of ATP (ATP is the molecule that provides energy to the cell), and increases the production of collagen, in addition to causing cell proliferation and migration, particularly of fibroblasts. On the other hand, it modulates cytokine levels, growth factor, inflammatory mediators and increases tissue oxygenation. With this we get the most hydrated and rejuvenated skin ", explained Dr. Pedrozo.

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