Red Lips: The Perfect Makeup For Valentine's Day

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Red Lips: The Perfect Makeup For Valentine's Day
Red Lips: The Perfect Makeup For Valentine's Day
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I don't know about you, but when Valentine's Day approaches, all I want to wear should be red, especially lipstick. Although red lips always look sexy nothing better than combining it with the rest of the makeup to maximize the sensual effect we desire

Although not all dare to wear red lips, I recommend those who have not tried it, I assure you that it will help them get the sensuality that perhaps they have been self-conscious to show.

With all of this in mind, I spoke to Haime Camacho, an expert makeup artist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, and he taught me how to use the right colors in my makeup to make those red lips feel.

“Good Valentine's day makeup should start with a red lipstick. It is just a matter of finding the perfect shade for you, be it matte or glossy, with shades of red ranging from soft raspberries to more magnetic wine reds,”explained the expert.

Haime shared these different options with us:

Makeup. If you don't usually put on makeup, you will look very strange with lips painted a powerful red. Leave the rest of the makeup very natural, with a BB Cream, some blush and mascara. As for the lips, you can apply a soft red that provides only some color. If you see that the makeup is excessive, rub a handkerchief over your lips to qualify. If you are used to putting on makeup, it will be easier for you to dare to show a deep red on your lips.

Regarding the eyes:

Let's start with the eyeliner. For a classic retro result, go for cat eyes, that is, to paint your eye line out of the corner. The colors of shadows I recommend the golden ones. It is a perfect combination: gold on the eyes and red on the lips. Light up your gaze and fix your attention on your lips.

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Smokey eyes makeup. For a very glam night look combine red lips with a bright or glitter touch with a spectacular smoky eye that will make you look like a Hollywood star.

We can not forget the nails: About this we spoke with Joaquín Manuel creator of the line of toxic free enamels, Joaquín Manuel 7 Free Nail Polish Collection and he showed us the two best options of his collections; Mom Dushi and Good Bye Darling. “Apply the color of the lipstick to match that of your nails. It is sophisticated and very feminine. They say that blondes are very good at red, but also brunettes. A red lipstick increases self-esteem and increases attractiveness, "said Joaquín Manuel.

Remember these suggestions and dare to show off sensual red lips this next day of love and friendship. Happy Valentines!

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