What Should We Do To Prevent Hair From Aging

What Should We Do To Prevent Hair From Aging
What Should We Do To Prevent Hair From Aging
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Have you ever thought that hair is part of the skin and therefore over time becomes stressed and weakened? Well, you should know that in hair this can be translated as aging of the hair, since it is the same effect that the skin undergoes over the years.

"We must take care of the scalp. Because just as the skin of the body feels the effects of the passage of time, the same happens with that of the scalp, which, although it is thicker, also ages, "Marcelo Martínez from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in the city of Miami.

“After age 40, hair can start to look without the same vigor and strength as at age 20. Many women experience hair loss year-round and complain that it looks dull, bulky, and parched. These signs of weakening are accentuated with the use of chemicals, drying, ironing, the action of UV rays and environmental pollution, "added the renowned stylist.

Fortunately, the cosmetic industry has advanced with the creation of products to strengthen the hair from where it grows: the scalp. "Why is it important to take care of the scalp? Because the capillary bulb that feeds on the blood vessels located at its base is housed there. The scalp is the center of hair production, each hair fiber grows independently of the rest and is connected to a sebaceous gland that gives it shine and flexibility, "said Marcelo.

If you apply your anti-aging creams daily, we must do the same with the hair roots. “It is necessary to replicate the time one takes for skin care with the scalp. Because if it is in poor condition, it will not allow hair in good condition, "says Martínez. “That is why the serums that treat it are among the most innovative products to rejuvenate and renew hair fiber from the roots. They are formulated from vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to strengthen, provide resistance, stop the fall, add volume and density; at the same time, they nourish, shine and are antioxidants and purifiers, "he added.

Sobre esto Marcelo nos comentó que lamentablemente si tu estilista no está comprometido con el bienestar de tu cabello y solamente le preocupa que cuando salgas del salón te veas bien, tratará todo el tiempo de tapar los problemas de fondo con productos de styling. Su recomendación es que se utilicen tratamientos de sueros que accionan sobre la zona de crecimiento y logran una fibra capilar sana desde su nacimiento. “La idea no es suplir con los productos de styling que uno puede utilizar cuando tiene una ocasión especial para dar más brillo o quitar el frizz. Cuando cuidamos debidamente nuestro cabello desde la raíz, se puede estar perfecta todos los días; solo se requiere de un simple lavado con champú y acondicionador”, agregó Marcelo.

Consulting your stylist is essential, because it is the one that can give an accurate diagnosis to address the needs, and prevent the problems that affect the hair from deepening. Although younger manes do not suffer from weakening, they can be affected by pollution, frequent use of chemicals and heat sources, or exposure to the sun. In these cases, you should use products that help you strengthen and prevent and maintain healthy hair.

The renowned stylist pointed out the importance of taking care of the health of the scalp to prevent hair aging.

Now why are serums so important? Well, let's start by saying that:

Those applied to the scalp can be used at any time of the day, it is preferable to do it at night, which is when the skin of the body regenerates and the assets penetrate more deeply.

  • The treatment can be carried out with wet or dry hair, it does not leave oiliness.
  • After each application, circular massages are carried out so that the product penetrates better and is evenly distributed.
  • They do not need rinsing. They can be used daily.
  • In damaged manes, the effects are seen after two or three months. When the hair is more or less healthy, use can be spaced twice a week and the results are seen more quickly.

What effect should we look for in the products?

Serve as a regenerator, speed up cell metabolism, and help you grow healthy

Make it energizing. These must stimulate the hair follicles, energizing the roots and protecting the scalp from environmental aggressors.

That they serve to nourish. Argan oil strengthens, nourishes and repairs from the roots, without greasy effect.

That serves to stimulate growth. Make it a hair strengthener that stimulates hair growth and strength from root to tip.

Containing a complex of ceramides, this redensifies the hair fiber and reduces breakage and protects the skin of the scalp.

Containing protective agents. Preferably containing anti-aging balm with tocotrienol, a natural antioxidant 40 to 60 times more powerful than vitamin E, which prevents and reverses damage caused by free radicals; and magnesium, very effective in treating fiber damage or brittleness and imbalance.

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