Find The Perfect Fragrance For Your Zodiac Sign

Find The Perfect Fragrance For Your Zodiac Sign
Find The Perfect Fragrance For Your Zodiac Sign
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Finding the perfect fragrance can seem like an impossible mission every time we step into the perfume aisles. And it is that, among so many options, choosing that aroma that we like -and that suits us- becomes complicated due to our personal tastes, olfactory sensitivity and personality.

However, there is an element that can help us find the ideal aroma without so much torture: our zodiac sign.

If you are a fan of astrology, you will know that the date you were born directly influences your personality, as well as your social and emotional preferences; and the same happens in the type of aroma that suits you best. This was announced by the founder and creator of the Zodica Perfumery brand, Kristi Moe, who has brought together the principles of astrology and the precision of science to result in a line of fragrances made especially for each sign.

For the creator, using perfume goes beyond just smelling good. It is what helps you express your personality and mood, and it is also that first impression that you will leave anywhere. “Using perfume is not only how I perceive myself when using a certain fragrance; it's also about what others will perceive of me,”Moe said.

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Thus, after years of studies and scientific tests, Kristi Moe discovered the perfect aromatic notes for each zodiac sign, which she has integrated into her line of 12 perfumes specially designed for each personality.

Aquarium: verbena, cardamom and white fir

Pisces: neroli, cyclamen and light musk

Aries: cinnamon, amber and cedar wood

Taurus: lily of the valley, heliotrope and sandalwood

Gemini: orange, mimosa flower and teak wood

Cancer: plum, water lily and roses

Leo: mandarin, gardenia and honeysuckle

Virgo: apple, magnolia and sandalwood

Libra: Brazilian mango, white peach and strawberry

Scorpio: flower of cananga, patchouli and oak moss

Sagittarius: berries, vanilla and dark musk

Capricorn: yuzu, green sage and lavender

One of Kristi Moe's recommendations for choosing a perfume is never to rely on the aroma you perceive at the first application. "Always try it on your skin and wait 10 to 15 minutes to make a decision," he explains. Thus, you will be able to perceive each one of the notes that make up a perfume and you will see how these change with the pH of your skin.

"If you like more how a perfume smells directly from the bottle, and not so much on your skin, spray it on your clothes so that it does not have contact with your chemistry and does not change its smell," explains the expert.

If you are interested in discovering which fragrance suits your zodiac sign best according to the proposal of Zodica Perfumery, visit the page and let yourself be captivated by the aromas of astrology.

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