What Are Hair Dyes That DO NOT Harm Hair?

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What Are Hair Dyes That DO NOT Harm Hair?
What Are Hair Dyes That DO NOT Harm Hair?
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Do you know what hair dyes do not harm your hair or scalp?

As we have all asked ourselves this question, we decided that it was time to get out of the doubt and know what hair dyes are that do not harm the hair. To do this we turned to our friend, the stylist Papo Adal, who is based in Miami and knows all about the color theme … all of them.

He was frank with us and revealed that those that do not dry out, break the ends or cause hair loss are temporary, semi-permanent and those made with henna.

In the case of temporary, they are those that give light to your hair and last about a week. Its color decreases with each wash. The semi-permanent ones contain low volume peroxide, their duration is from 4 to 6 weeks, although there are lines that offer you more time, do not mistreat the hair and give it luster. Henna are 100% natural, in addition to giving color, it strengthens, nourishes, covers gray hair, combats dandruff and stops hair loss. A marvel!

"You can dye your hair with confidence with those dyes that contain low or no ammonia percentage", recommends Adal.

And what brands are good?

Its references lead to Naturtint, ideal if you are allergic because it is developed under dermatological control with natural and organic ingredients. It is perfect because it covers gray hair, gives softness and helps your hair to become stronger and reduces hair breakage by 80%. In addition, it is a perfect option for pregnant or lactating women because it is a vegetable brand that does not contain ammonia.

Best of all, searching through their website, we find that their line of colors is quite diverse. Among the options to choose from, you have from the most classic ones like black, brown and blond to the most daring ones, such as cherry black, golden brown, intense chocolate, luminous hazelnut, teide brown and honey blonde.

Another option that Papo gives us is Surya Brasil, a brand that has shades such as swedish blonde, cream marsala, cream copper, cream burgundy and cream silver fox.

Its dyes provide lush and vibrant color while nourishing the hair by containing plant extracts that include herbs and fruits from Brazil and India, offering simultaneous coloring treatment and deep conditioning. It is free of ammonia, peroxide, parabens, resorcinol, artificial fragrance, gluten and heavy metals.

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Shades EQ also tops the list, being within the semi-permanent tint group. Its coloring is versatile, it gives shine and maintains the natural pH of your hair. Its wide color palette includes 50 shades. Wow!

And finally there is Sebastian Professional. And because? It turns out that this type of hair dye gives color and shine without ammonia, alcohol or peroxide. It intensifies the hair's ability to reflect light, strengthens it, hydrates it and protects it from UV rays. If you use it, you will make your mane shiny and translucent, which means healthier and stronger hair.

Now every time you go to the beauty salon, keep in mind that there are products to change your color without having to dry your hair. A marvel!

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