How To Love Your Curly Hair With These Tips

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How To Love Your Curly Hair With These Tips
How To Love Your Curly Hair With These Tips

Video: How To Love Your Curly Hair With These Tips

Video: How To Love Your Curly Hair With These Tips
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If you are one of those who have curly hair and think that you cannot control it and you resort to straightening it, I want you to know that well-groomed curly hair can become a beautiful mane

"I have many clients who come frustrated because they cannot keep their curly hair healthy or with the look they like," explained Haime Camacho, renowned stylist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami. "All hair needs to be cared for, some textures more than others, but all need permanent care," added Haime.

"Now, not all curly hair is the same, some are soft curls, or strong, but both types of curls if you give them the proper care and the right products, you can take it and take advantage of the curly hair look you prefer" Camacho pointed out.

Let's start by identifying the health of your hair. "Curly hair tends to dry out and needs specific care. Contrary to straight hair, curly hair is not in direct contact with the scalp and therefore has very little contact with the sebaceous glands and their softening properties. The cuticle is less smooth and more sensitive to external aggressions. For all these reasons, curly hair should be treated with the utmost gentleness, especially while it is wet. Identify with the help of your hairdresser what type of product you should use”, stressed Haime.

Learn how to brush it

When your hair is wet you should treat it very delicately, this applies to all hair types. I recommend that you don't rub it with a towel. Roll it up in the towel and gently press it to remove the moisture. Then use a comb with long, wide spikes to detangle your curls. And, above all, avoid using brushes because they divide the strands of hair too much. Even better if you can dry them naturally.

What ingredients should curly hair products have?

We know from what we mentioned earlier that curly hair needs a lot of nutrition. You should select shampoos and conditioners that contain natural lipids such as shea butter, jojoba or macadamia oil, these ingredients protect the hair with a thin film to preserve its shape. You should also use finishing products that are specific for curly hair. Finishing products will give more resistance and elasticity to your curls, without drying them out too much or leaving them with a sticky appearance.

How to use drying tools on curl hair

I recommend avoiding exposing curly hair to hot dryers as this dries out curly hair. Preferably let your hair dry in the open air and if you are in a hurry and you cannot do it, lower the temperature of your dryer and use a diffuser.

The hair straightener is too aggressive. Use it very punctually and always after you have applied a heat protector.

If you know how to style curls, a scaled cut always brings more life to curly hair, but be careful not to cut the strands at the top of the head too much.

If you prefer soft waves in the style of the 20's hairstyles, I recommend applying a curl-defining cream, comb your hair as you prefer and fix each strand with wave-shaped tweezers at the chin level. Dry your hair with the dryer using a diffuser, wait for it to dry and remove the tweezers. Comb your hair very carefully.

The hairstyle-tousled effect style. Apply a little foam to dry hair and spirally thick locks using the papillote technique (wrap them in aluminum foil). Dry your hair with the dryer for a few minutes and once it has cooled remove the papillotes. Don't brush your hair, just run your hands through the curls to shape them.

Very frizzy hair with very small and tangled curls. I recommend that you use curlers as these will transform your hair into a mane with soft and light curls. As a general rule, the bigger the curlers, the bigger and more generous your curls will be.

Curly hair is less tangled if after washing it we comb it with a comb well attached to the head, just apply a little lacquer afterwards and let it dry in the open air.

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