Dry Shampoo Foam: An Alternative To Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo Foam: An Alternative To Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo Foam: An Alternative To Dry Shampoo
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If you are one of the girls who does not wash their hair on a daily basis, surely you are always in search of products that refresh your hair between washes. And although dry shampoo is a great alternative for this, it is not always the best option for all hair types since it can dry out the scalp and leave white residue.

If the above sounds familiar to you, you will love to know that there is now a product that will do wonders for your hair, and even more during those days between washes: waterless cleansing foam, a foam that cleans and refreshes your hair WITHOUT leaving it wet or damp. So is! This new product from the Batiste brand is basically a foam that, upon contact with your fingers and hair, turns into a kind of cleaning powder that does not leave a single white residue.

Thus, the waterless cleansing foam guarantees to refresh your hair in just 60 seconds. In addition, it is characterized by bringing together the nutrients of ingredients such as cactus, jamaica, coconut water and almond oil … a combination that your hair will love from the first application.

This product has the same approval from celebrity stylist Christine Symonds, who has worked with personalities such as Kaley Cuoco, Chelsea Handler and Jessica Simpson.

"We tried to make a product that was lighter than dry shampoo and that left no residue," shared the stylist. In addition, she assured that it is perfect for those days when you want to give your hair a push either after the gym, or before a girls night out!

“The waterless cleansing foam is perfect for people with normal to dry hair; If you have oily hair, I recommend applying dry shampoo at the roots and waterless cleansing foam on the rest of your hair,”explained the expert.

You should know that each presentation gives you different benefits: if you are looking for more moisture, opt for the product with cactus. For softerness, choose the one from Jamaica or hibiscus. For exceptional shine, coconut milk; and for greater strength, almond oil.

Do you dare to try it? We love it!

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