Revolutionary Trends In Foot Beauty Treatments

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Revolutionary Trends In Foot Beauty Treatments
Revolutionary Trends In Foot Beauty Treatments
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It seems perfect to me that we take advantage of these days of quarantine at home to entertain ourselves taking care of our feet

About this we speak with Joaquín Manuel, expert in hand and foot care and creator of his own line of enamels that, in addition to being fabulous, are healthy, since they do not contain the 7 toxic chemicals that can cause a series of diseases among them; Cancer.

“Now that we are home, what better than to take care of caring for each other and what better than to fix ourselves our feet. Pedicuring is not so complicated if we have the necessary tools, such as a cuticle cutter, a pumice stone, a good file, a buffer or file to polish our natural nail, enamel base, color and top coat. If you do not have these last three you can access our page and order your favorite base, top coat and color and they will arrive at your house, so you do not have to get out of quarantine and continue to contribute to fighting the contagion with the coronavirus”, pointed out Joaquín Manuel.

On the trends in the care of our feet in addition to the pedicure that we all know, we can add certain ingredients that are very fashionable and will make us feel better.

Joaquin Manuel told us about the trend of an anti-aging pedicure, organic wraps or using enamels free of the most dangerous toxins.

"The skin of our feet needs to regain elasticity and its natural state, as they also suffer stress, daily routine or lack of care, something that is aggravated by the heat in summer, sweat and the abusive use of sandals." explains the expert. "Among the treatments that we can give is green tea, which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and a large number of antioxidants that act thoroughly to eliminate free radicals," added Joaquin Manuel.

Another trend is to add emulsion of:

  1. Tangerine and mango both work as rejuvenators, smoothing and thinning the skin of the feet as well as blurring possible spots.
  2. Lemongrass is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.
  3. Lavender and mint calm and relax. Something fundamental when you walk or run a lot.

Now how do we apply these ingredients to our feet?

We always start by soaking the feet with relaxing salts and hot water for approximately 15 minutes. Afterwards, the hardness of the skin is removed with a good file and always from heel to tip, to apply an exfoliant with which it is massaged in circles to remove all the dead skin, removing the excess with plenty of water and drying the feet.

  • Then we apply a hydrating mask that is left to act for ten minutes and we begin to fix what the nails are, pushing and removing cuticles, shaping them with the file and enameling; and apply argan oil to cuticles.

Another trend is organic wraps. They are an excellent way to stimulate our senses through the relaxation produced by their light and soft massages on our feet. Its properties are enhanced and we enjoy them more, whether with chocolate, algae, wine, mud or citrus, to name a few.

You get these wraps at your beauty products store, try to specify that they are organic, free of toxins.

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