Take Care Of Your Skin Naturally With These Natural Seeds

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Take Care Of Your Skin Naturally With These Natural Seeds
Take Care Of Your Skin Naturally With These Natural Seeds
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There's nothing better to kill time at home than pampering yourself, and a beauty routine is always a good option. But, to get the most out of it, it is best to opt for products with natural ingredients that really nourish your skin

Three key skincare ingredients have started to become popular in the past year: pumpkin seeds, moringa extract, and pomegranate.

Including some of these seeds in your beauty routine will fill your skin with nutrients that will make it look and feel much better.


Moringa oleifera is a plant native to India whose benefits extend from skin care to providing antioxidants for your entire body. In skincare, moringa is known to remove pimples, fight free radicals, and provide high levels of hydration; which makes it perfect to combat wrinkles and dry skin.

Although moringa is commonly consumed as a food supplement, there are also options of masks and topical solutions that have extract of its seeds; Thus, this plant becomes an important source of vitamins A and E that helps repair damage to the skin.


Pomegranate is a fruit that is gaining increasing popularity among those who want to eat a healthier diet, or those who improve the appearance of their skin.

Being a fruit rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as phosphorous and potassium, granda is the best kept secret for healthy skin. It also has impressive regenerative properties that help repair the skin and improve the healing process.

In addition to this, pomegranate is well known for fighting acne, improving signs of aging and hydrating; It is even said to be a great option for those with psoriasis.


Pumpkin seeds are a great ally since it has vitamin E and zinc that protect the collagen in your skin. In addition, they are high in fiber, which helps cleanse your face of toxins, thus promoting the elimination of uncomfortable pimples.

Thanks to its vitamin A, E and zinc, pumpkin seeds are also said to renew the skin, repairing damaged cells and fading spots.

If you want to include any of these seeds in your beauty routine but do not know which product to choose, we recommend trying the new Aveeno masks, which also contain oatmeal; which contributes to greater hydration of your skin. The combination of oats with these seeds, will allow you to enjoy a pleasant smell every time you use them, at the same time that you nourish your skin. Thus, there will be nothing you do not love about these masks and your face will thank you.

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