Simple Tips To Avoid Skin Blemishes

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Simple Tips To Avoid Skin Blemishes
Simple Tips To Avoid Skin Blemishes
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I am a true believer in prevention, however if you already see that spots are appearing on your skin, it is time to take action before they increase in size and color

"Preventing stains is easier than removing them," emphasized Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, a specialist in facial care. "So now that spring and summer are approaching and it is when the sun begins to be stronger, it is time to start avoiding them or treating them so that they do not come out more and do not look so dark," added the specialist known as "The alchemist of beauty" and with a clinic in the city of Miami.

We know that the spots on the face are the ones that worry us the most. These can come out for various reasons, from exposure to the sun, from certain medications such as oral contraceptives, or from hormonal changes such as during pregnancy and menopause.

“The spots age as much or more than the wrinkles themselves. Although there are various aesthetic treatments that can help you combat them, our goal should be to avoid them. My recommendation is that in the spring is when we should start taking precautions, "Pedrozo recommended.

"Make sunscreen your best ally"

"Make sunscreen your best ally," said the specialist. Not only when you are at the beach or at the pool should you use sunscreen. “To prevent blemishes, you need to include a sunscreen for your face in your beauty routine. You must apply it after the moisturizer and before makeup. " On how to know which one to use, Pedrozo points out that you should choose a sunscreen according to your skin type, oily, combination, dry, mature, etc. And if you spend a lot of time outdoors, don't forget to reapply every 2 hours.

Use sunscreen makeup

Aware of the concern that spots on the face generate among women, cosmetic companies increasingly offer protected makeup products. You can apply them on top of your moisturizer, or if you prefer on top of the sunscreen.

Oral sun protection

Another way to protect the skin from sun spots is by taking oral tablets. Nutricosmetics helps to slow down and repair damage from sun exposure. It is a complement to topical protectors, they are not substitutes. Its advantages are that they act from inside the body, increasing the skin's resistance to stains

Limit the hours of sun exposure

The prohibited hours are from 11 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 5 pm. At these times the sun's rays are much more harmful, so during these hours we should avoid exposing ourselves to the sun. If you have no choice, always do it with high protection, with caps, sunglasses … Also, it is convenient if you are going to sunbathe that you do it in a progressive way. Don't pretend to get a tan on a single weekend at the beach. The skin has memory and the spots will appear on your skin.

Extra protection if you already have freckles and blemishes

If you have very white skin, you have freckles and moles, you are pregnant, you take oral contraceptives and other photosensitive medications, I recommend that in addition to using high sun protection, you limit yourself in exposure to lightning. Wear big hats and hats, caps and umbrellas.

Use anti-stain cosmetics for your daily care

If your skin tends to pigment, you are pregnant (at which time the skin is more sensitive and prone to blemishes) or you are over 40 (from that age on, blemishes on the skin are more common), we advise you to use anti creams -stains. These are formulas that help prevent the appearance of new spots and combat existing ones. Vitamins C and E, retinol, kojic acid, glycolic acid, resveratrol … are some of the ingredients that work to minimize stains, but be careful, AVOID the sun at all costs if you expose yourself to these products.

Add antioxidants to your diet

Diet not only has a direct consequence on our health, it is also reflected in the skin. According to Pedrozo, eating an antioxidant diet helps our skin to have more defenses against the sun, and to achieve a beautiful, long-lasting and healthy tan. What foods should not be missing in your anti-stain diet? Fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watercress, citrus, avocados, cabbages, spinach, or carrots.

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