Treatments To Shape The Figure Without Surgery

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Treatments To Shape The Figure Without Surgery
Treatments To Shape The Figure Without Surgery

Video: Treatments To Shape The Figure Without Surgery

Video: Treatments To Shape The Figure Without Surgery
Video: A Guide To Body Sculpting - The Non-Surgery Surgery That Busts Fat Cells For Good 2023, April

We know that the ideal is to be proactive and take care of our figure having a healthy lifestyle by exercising, maintaining an adequate weight, taking care of our skin, eating properly, etc.

However, if you still do not achieve the expected objectives and you are interested in having a good figure, we consulted Paula Christiansen, specialist in advanced aesthetics and with 15 years of experience, to update us on how we can see ourselves as we wish without resorting to surgery.

Lately, countless treatments have emerged that promise us miraculous results, but do not educate us on how they work, why they are effective and what we must change in our lifestyle so that the results are effective and lasting. "The treatments can be very good, but if the person does not make the necessary changes in their lifestyle, they will not get the best results," said Paula, owner of the Mint Wellness Center in the city of Miami.

“I personally evaluate each case; lifestyle, discipline, food, in short, everything that can affect the state of our figure, "added the expert.

Once this evaluation is done, he designs the treatments that will help him achieve the desired objective.

If we want to delete:

Flaccidity: To treat flaccidity, I recommend high-tech radiofrequency by means of waves that make your own cell produce collagen and elastin, forcing the skin to tone more quickly and obtaining very effective results. We also implement pure collagen wrapping and mesotherapy. This combination of different techniques is what makes the treatment extremely effective for skin improvement. Cellulite: To reduce cellulite we have Velox technology, a machine specifically designed for this type of treatment, works with a high-frequency ultrasound and at the same time works with microcurrents to eliminate cellulite and tone the skin and achieve a firm and smooth appearance. In conjunction with Velox, it is recommended to use a tripolar radiofrequency head that helps to dilute cellulite more efficiently and quickly. Reduce inches: To reduce measurements, the expert works with LipoSoon technologyIt can reduce up to 7 cm (almost 3 inches) from the first session depending on the volume of adipose tissue of the patient. This is a high power focused ultrasound that works by sending a shot directly on the depth of the adipose tissue, this machine has the property that it is calibrated according to the patient, that is, the machine works exactly with the measurements and indicates the treatment that This requires a personalized way.

How do these treatments work that make them so effective?

The idea is to work directly on the adipose tissue to reduce measurements and at the same time tone the skin. The success of these treatments is due to the combination of the technology of 11 medical cosmetic machines and each protocol for each patient must be personalized, thus obtaining incredible, visible and lasting results.

We know that each patient is particularly evaluated, however, how many minimum sessions are recommended to start seeing results with each treatment?

It depends on the area and focus to be treated, for example, a treatment to combat flaccidity shows you results from the first session, everything will depend on what the patient's objective is.

In reduction of measures treatments you can also see results from the first session, but generally in 3 or 4 sessions it is possible to reduce a size. It all depends on the patient's condition because the more fat tissue he has the faster the changes.

Each patient reacts differently, since age and physical condition interfere a lot in the results of each one

After achieving the goal, what is the most effective maintenance plan?

After performing the treatment and having reached the desired goal for each patient, they recommend maintenance once a month to prolong the same result over time. There are patients who do it every two months, three months and even every six months and the body likewise reacts quickly to treatment.

From what age can you undergo these treatments?

From the age of 18 or once the person has passed their stage of development, they can undergo any of these treatments.

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