How To Safely Remove Gel Nails At Home

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How To Safely Remove Gel Nails At Home
How To Safely Remove Gel Nails At Home
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In these days that we do not have access to our beauty specialists due to the quarantine situation that we are experiencing, I imagine that you have also had to resort to homemade methods to keep your routines more or less up to date

However, when it comes to nails we know that they need regular maintenance especially when we use materials such as gel and Joaquín Manuel told us about this. The expert in the care of hands and feet and explained to us how we can remove these materials in a healthy way so as not to hurt the nail too much and look like groomed hands until we get our next appointment with our favorite beauty specialist.

"First of all, my main recommendation is to avoid those materials such as gel and acrylic, because no matter how careful we apply them, they always hurt the nail and the cuticle. Although I must mention that it is not only the material, it is also the process to apply it in addition to the chemicals that it contains and that deteriorate the nail bed enormously,”said the creator of the line of enamels free of the 7 toxic substances that have been used. proven can affect our health; Joaquin Manuel 7 Free Nail Polish Collection.

To start the process of removing the gel at home we need the following:

Cotton - Cut 10 pieces that you can wrap your nails into.

Aluminum Foil- Cut 10 rectangles of aluminum foil that are about 2 × 3 inches.

Nail file - With this we sharpen the surface of your gel polish enough to break the seal of the top layer. There is no need to file down all of the gel polish.


We soak a cotton ball in pure acetone and place it on the nail and making sure that we cover it whole. I recommend that oil be applied to the cuticles to protect them against acetone.

  • We take a square aluminum foil to wrap around the finger so that the cotton ball stays in place. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have done it with all 10 fingers.
  • If you can, apply heat to the wraps while your nails are soaked in acetone to speed up the process. This step is not necessary, but it does speed up the process of removing enamel from some brands.
  • Keep the nails wrapped in the foil for 15-20 minutes. If the gel polish is not removed immediately by removing the wrappers, then they need to be soaked longer. Add more acetone if necessary, then cover again for 5-10 min.
  • Remove the wrappers. Press the foil against the cotton ball where it touches the nail and gently slide the foil back and forth while removing the foil. This should remove most or all of the gel polish from your nails.
  • If there is still gel polish left, use an orange stick and an acetone-soaked cotton ball to remove it. If there is any gel polish remaining, it should be a small amount and it will be easy to remove with the orange stick. If you have to use force to remove the gel polish, then you need to dip them in acetone longer. Avoid using force to remove what remains because this causes a lot of damage to natural nails.
  • Once all material residue is removed I suggest washing your hands immediately. This removes any old flakes of gel polish and extra acetone. Also apply cuticle oil and a good hand cream on your hands.
  • If you want to get another gel polish manicure right away, then apply cuticle oil and hand cream after you're done painting your nails.

“I personally recommend giving him a day or two of rest applying treatments to help nails and cuticles recover. Also, I suggest that you use healthy glazes before reapplying these materials. In this way, the nails will regain their strength and will be healthier”, stated Joaquín Manuel.

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