Indulge Your Skin From Home With These Beauty Rituals

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Indulge Your Skin From Home With These Beauty Rituals
Indulge Your Skin From Home With These Beauty Rituals

Video: Indulge Your Skin From Home With These Beauty Rituals

Video: Indulge Your Skin From Home With These Beauty Rituals
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Although we know that nothing relaxes more than allowing yourself to be pampered, taking care of your skin in depth should not be something exclusive to the spa; Thus, you can recreate from your home some of the most common routines for the care of your face and body

In addition to hydration and softness, each of these rituals will also help you relax, clear your mind and lift your spirits.

For your body

First thing's first. Taking a long, relaxing bath never hurts anyone, does it? If you have a bathtub, it is time to take advantage of it to pamper yourself as queen. We are talking about relaxing music, essential oils, your favorite book and, perhaps, a glass of wine.

To pamper your skin as God commands you must not forget to exfoliate your body; And if you don't have any commercial scrubs on hand, make a homemade mix. Look for a moisturizing base like coconut, olive or honey oil; choose an exfoliating agent such as sugar, sea salt, or coffee; and finally add some aroma as essential oils if you wish.

A simple example of a homemade scrub is:

½ cup of sea salt

1/3 cup olive oil

5-10 drops of your preferred essential oil

For your feet

The feet are that part of our body that we tend to forget when it is not summer. A good massage, scrub and a little moisturizer will make the difference both for your feet and your mood. And if you finish this with a little bit of color on your nails, you will have the complete ritual.

To take care of your feet it is recommended at least twice a week to remove corns and dead skin. If you have a pumice stone, use it while showering. Lather with your body soap and rub the stone over your feet in circular motions. Do this on the heels, the sole, and the sides of the feet.

To exfoliate you can mix a little honey or coconut oil, sugar and a few drops of lemon. Rub all over your feet and stir with warm water. When finished, re-moisturize them with your body cream.

Another very basic but highly effective tip is to spread some ultra-moisturizing cream or oil -such as almonds or cocoa cream-, put on socks and leave them on overnight. You will see how in the morning your feet are soft and hydrated.

For your face

Although there is nothing better than having an expert take care of your face, you can also do it yourself from the comfort of your home.

For starters, remember that steam is a great ally to open pores and remove impurities. So, spend an afternoon giving your face its well-deserved steam bath. Then don't forget the masks. The face mask you choose should be the right one for your skin type. For effective results try the following recipe:

3 tablespoons of ground oats

3 teaspoons of honey

Apply to your face for 15 minutes and remove with cold water. This combination is perfect for deep wetting.

Although there are beauty rituals that take longer than others, it is always good to dedicate at least one day a week to pamper yourself and give your skin the nutrients it needs. Try it and share with us what is your favorite ritual.

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