We Talk To Expert Luis Casco About Beauty Trends This Spring

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We Talk To Expert Luis Casco About Beauty Trends This Spring
We Talk To Expert Luis Casco About Beauty Trends This Spring
Video: We Talk To Expert Luis Casco About Beauty Trends This Spring
Video: One Palette Looks | Makeup with Luis Casco | Mary Kay 2023, February

We spoke with Mary Kay's professional makeup artist and global beauty ambassador, Luis Casco, about makeup trends this unusual spring due to the covid-19 pandemic we're going through

SM: What makeup trends can we see this spring / summer season, under these special circumstances that we live in?

LC: During these times it is my opinion that makeup can be used as a tool so that you can communicate - without speaking - how you feel. In these moments when you are only communicating with those at home or virtually, you can use it as a good ally.

Many of us are trying to work as normal a schedule as possible so I recommend that you take the time to use your skincare products, as good makeup always starts with beautiful skin. Apart from that, during the summer and especially this one, products that make you look healthy and radiant are very important.

Looks with semi-tanned, glowing aspects and with skin that looks hydrated and healthy will be super popular.You could use an illuminator like the Mary Kay Chromafusion Highlighter and bases like Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous Foundation or Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to protect against ultraviolet rays (highlighter, bronzing powders, luminous foundation, CC cream). Peach, coffee and soft pink shades are going to look cute for lips and cheeks.

SM: What products would you recommend to put on makeup and how should we do it now that we have to wear masks to protect ourselves from covid?

LC: Speaking of looks to go out during the new rules, it is very important again to take care of yourself and protect your skin. Who knows for how long you have to have the mask on and you must protect the skin. I recommend using a serum and a moisturizing day cream, preferably that includes sun protection. Then use a little liquid foundation or CC Cream to correct skin blemishes, but still make the skin look natural and not so finished.

The eyes will be the focus so concealer and mask would be the most basic products. The liner and at least one shade, perhaps with a little shine, are the perfect combination to enhance the look.

And don't ignore the lips … Use a lip scrub and a moisturizer to make sure your lips are not parched, especially under a mask. Lipstick is optional, but color can boost your spirits so why not? You can use a nude or light pink tone and the glosses look very cute and easy to touch up.

SM: What precautions should we take into account when applying makeup in the times we live in?

LC: Hygiene is extremely important and right now. Don't let someone else use your makeup products. Also remember that if you go out, you protect your skin from the effects of the sun very well. We've been inside for a long time and your skin may need extra protection.

SM: Tell us your 3 basic makeup products that can NEVER be missing …

LC: A mask that not only superhydrates and softens your skin but gives you an excuse to relax and give yourself "me time,". An option may be TimeWise Repair® Lifting Bio-Cellulose Mask.

A foundation that is the perfect shade for your skin, I recommend TimeWise® Luminous 3D Foundation. That shade changes a bit throughout the year so I recommend making sure that the shade always looks the same as the neck and neckline, so it looks supernatural!

A lipstick of an unexpected color. Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick options offer shades of red, raspberry, or nude. Try something different, the lips are the part of your face that you can change instantly!

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