Security Measures To Be Implemented By Beauty Salons In Front Of The CIVID-19

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Security Measures To Be Implemented By Beauty Salons In Front Of The CIVID-19
Security Measures To Be Implemented By Beauty Salons In Front Of The CIVID-19
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We know that we are looking forward to returning to our beauty routines as we used to. Already the growth of hair, the obvious gray hair, the extensions or the definition of the style, among other things, that need regular maintenance and that is why they are crying out to open beauty salons.

To explain the security protocol that beauty salons and spas must follow before receiving their clients, we spoke with Christine Martínez, owner of Avant Garde Salon and Spa, in Miami, who explained to us the measures that we must demand in salons of beauty and which she offers her client.

“For us, the main thing is that our clients feel safe to come to the salon confident that they are not at risk of contagion. In this same way, all salons and spas must think”, Martínez pointed out.

Since our reopening we have implemented all the measures required by the Center for Communicable Diseases (CDC).

Next, the measures established by Avant Garde Salon and Spa and which Martínez recommends must follow all beauty salons.

Protocol to follow:

Customers will only be attended by confirmed appointment. IMPORTANT: these must arrive just to be attended since there will be no waiting area, and in this way we obey the distance required by the CDC.

  • Only work at 25% of the classroom capacity.
  • All employees will have their body temperature taken when entering the room and will keep a record of each one daily.
  • All employees and customers must wear face masks (covering mouth and nose) at all times. In addition to the masks, all employees will also use face shields constantly.
  • Have hand sanitizer available for customers and employees in various areas of the room.
  • Consider the most vulnerable clients. At Avant Garde we have enabled two rooms in the back of the room to privately serve our most vulnerable clients, whether due to age or some pre-existing health condition.
  • We have placed an acrylic wall between each station and shampoo area to make the distance between clients more effective.
  • Each stylist and manicurist will have 15 minutes to disinfect all their work equipment that they used with the previous client to have it ready and be able to attend to the new client who has an appointment.
  • All employees will maintain disinfectant products in their work area after each work performed.
  • Only hair treatments that can be carried out in the same place where the customer is served will be applied. There will be no mobilization to the washing and rinsing area.
  • Stylists and manicurists may not have any personal items in their area other than their work equipment and products that need to be applied to the client.
  • All the products they use must be disinfected and stored immediately.
  • L os stylists are responsible for disposing in the basket designated in the back of the room towels, robes and any other items that the customer has used.
  • All employees must be aware of their appointment times and notify the reception if they are late so that the client is notified as there is no waiting area.
  • Each of the stylists and manicurists should check their appointment schedule the day before and make the adjustments they need while also notifying clients and reception if necessary.

Regarding the protocol of the clients, they must:

E sperar to be informed by telephone that the stylist and / or manicurist is ready to serve.

  • Arrive at the station where the stylist will provide you with everything you need to avoid mobilization in the salon (capes, towels, etc).
  • We will not be able to provide drinks to customers as we usually do, to avoid contact with utensils in the room. We recommend clients to bring their own drink and consume it outside the room as it will not be allowed to remove the masks at any time.
  • No customer will be allowed to touch or grab any product they wish to purchase. The person in charge at the reception will provide it to you in a classroom bag that has already been disinfected.

The health of our customers and employees is very important to us, so we do not skimp on applying any measure that helps prevent the spread of covid-19. So everyone should make sure that their favorite beauty salon follows these sanitation measures before visiting them, "Martínez pointed out.

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