Advantages Of The Bar Shampoo: A Natural And Ecological Alternative For Your Hair

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Advantages Of The Bar Shampoo: A Natural And Ecological Alternative For Your Hair
Advantages Of The Bar Shampoo: A Natural And Ecological Alternative For Your Hair
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Those who want to lead a more ecological and toxic-chemical-free life are opting for an alternative that can end shampoo in single-use bottles: bar shampoo

The bar shampoo is a product that is manufactured by hand, using herbalism, and that does not require plastic wrap for distribution or preservation. Although considered relatively new, this product draws on the basics of personal hygiene, before the advent of the plastic and other chemicals that are used in the most popular commercial products.

Rocío Matías, director of the Mexican brand Tierra Rosa, shared with us some of the advantages of using bar shampoo. Read on and discover why they are the new trend in personal care.

Plastic savings

The first and most obvious benefit is the reduction of plastic. It is estimated that on average a person spends 800 bottles of shampoo during his life, which will end up in landfills and oceans.

Bar shampoos are usually sold without wrapping or with a cardboard or paper cover. This represents a significant reduction in the waste you generate. Furthermore, according to Matías, storing it requires “just a cool, dry place; It can be in your bathroom cupboard. Just remember not to leave it in water or in direct sun."

Chemical free

It is enough to try to read the ingredients of any commercial shampoo to realize that most of them are chemicals of which we do not know their function, origin and benefit for our hair.

Instead, bar shampoos are made by hand and with natural products such as rosemary, lavender, honey and nettle. In Tierra Rosa special combinations are worked for the most common hair needs, for example: castor oil, nettle and rosemary for oily hair; apple cider vinegar and lavender for dandruff; rosemary and nettle to combat fall.

Rocío Matías adds that substances such as "coconut derivatives, vinegar, powdered herbs and citric acid are also used to fulfill neutralizing, fungicidal and pH-regulating functions."


"Being solid, it handles like any other body soap," explains Matías. Although if you think that using it on your hair is complicated, we explain: you just have to lightly rub the bar in your hair to make it foam and voila!

Thanks to their size, the shampoo bars do not need large spaces to be stored, which will allow you to have a more organized and clean bathroom. In addition, they are very comfortable and easy to carry when traveling, or even in your gym backpack.


In the United States, shampoo bars have an average cost of $ 12 and last between 60 and 100 washes, depending on how long and thick your hair is. This equates to approximately three bottles of liquid shampoo with which it is very difficult to measure the amount used.

In addition, Matías mentions that one bar means saving plastic for two months, which translates to six bars per year. Imagine all the plastic you can save annually!

Without a doubt, the bar shampoo represents an innovative product that allows us to take care of our hair and the environment. And it should be noted that they are cruelty-free and the whole family can use them.

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