8 Keys To Having Perfect Skin This Summer

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8 Keys To Having Perfect Skin This Summer
8 Keys To Having Perfect Skin This Summer
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We are all looking forward to the summer to enjoy the pool, the beach or simply to enjoy our favorite activities outdoors, but did you know that not protecting ourselves from the sun or not caring for our skin by hydrating it well can eventually cause it to look dull, red and even responsible for the first wrinkles? Well, that's how it is, and since we want them to look incredible, we went to Dr. Braun to solve some of the doubts that arise when it comes to caring for skin in the summer.

Do not miss it, we give you the 8 most important keys to have healthy, smooth and perfect skin.

1. How to avoid skin spots caused by sun exposure?

The main thing is to protect yourself with a sunscreen every morning, making it part of our routine. Furthermore, it is very important to choose the correct sunscreen, which is broad spectrum, that covers VA and VB rays, while having enough solar factor, such as Neutrogena Sunscreen.

2. What is the best way to apply sun cream?

The fundamental thing is to put on the sun cream 15 minutes before leaving the house because it takes a while to absorb. It is best to reapply the cream every 1 hour and a half or 2 hours when you go to be in the sun.

3. Do you recommend putting sunscreen on us daily? Of course, it is important to put sunscreen on our face every day to avoid stains and protect us from possible damage from the sun.

4. How much amount of sun cream should we apply? The recommendation of the Academy of Dermatology is an ounce of cream, which is like the whole palm of our hand to be able to cover the entire body in each application.

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5. How should we protect the little ones in the house?

In the case of young children, it is even more important to take care of them from the sun and not to use chemical blockers. We must use mineral blockers that, in addition to protecting them from the sun, protect their thin and delicate skin and prevent possible allergic reactions.

6. How can we hydrate the skin after sun exposure?

We should take frequent baths with rather cold water instead of hot water, since this can remove the moisture that the skin may have. Use products that contain Aloe Vera or soy. You can also use 1% hydrocortisone if your skin is very irritated and lastly, drink plenty of water.

7. How can we restore shine to the skin? I think it is good to use hyaluronic acid, which gives very good results, since it uses your own humidity and multiplies it. Also use products with Retinol at night that will restore your skin shine.

8. The three best tips to take care of our skin

1. Use sunscreen.

2. Start taking care of yourself from a young age with a skin regimen. Prevention is key.

3. Hydrate your skin very well to prevent blemishes and wrinkles.

In addition, Siempre Mujer had the opportunity to interview Dr. Cotton on this Facebook Live and gave us more information about skin care and sun exposure:

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