Incredible Benefits For Your Face Of Rice Water

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Incredible Benefits For Your Face Of Rice Water
Incredible Benefits For Your Face Of Rice Water

Video: Incredible Benefits For Your Face Of Rice Water

Video: Incredible Benefits For Your Face Of Rice Water
Video: I used RICE WATER on FACE for 7 DAYS | Before and After Results | Is it worth the HYPE ? CHITRANSHI 2023, April

In recent years, the benefits of Korean beauty have come to this side of the world to teach us how to achieve that beautiful and smooth skin that many Asian women have

But beyond specific brands, there is a particular ingredient that K-Beauty uses as a base and that for centuries has given multiple benefits to the skin of Asian women: rice.

As you may know, rice is also an important part of the oriental diet, so why not start taking advantage of these ancient customs to benefit our skin?

Although there is no scientific proof for this, rice water is believed to:

Relieves burns and irritation

  • Lightens the skin
  • Reduces pore size
  • Tightens the dermis and reduces expression lines
  • It is an excellent natural tonic

And well, as we know that Korean women are characterized by their porcelain skin, there will be some truth in it.

Another positive side of using rice in your beauty routine is that it is one of the ingredients of almost all diets, so surely you will also have something in your pantry; and, in addition, it is very accessible.

To make your own rice water, you just have to follow this very easy recipe:

1 cup of white rice (try to make it organic to avoid pesticides)

  • 1 ½ cup of water

Let soak for 30 minutes; strain and pour the water into a jar with a lid and voila! You will have your homemade tonic. You can add a few drops of your preferred essential oil for a pleasant aroma and extra moisture. Several blogs and specialized magazines do not recommend using this mixture for more than 7 days, so try to make a new one every week.

But if DIY cosmetics are not your thing, you can find dozens of Korean and Japanese brands on the market that offer tonics, moisturizers and masks made with rice such as The Face Shop, Laneige, Origins and SK-II.

Have you already dared to try it? It is worth mentioning that rice water also has properties to repair damaged hair, promoting its growth; but … that's topic for another article.

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