How To Care For Hands And Nails To Survive Excessive Hand Washing

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How To Care For Hands And Nails To Survive Excessive Hand Washing
How To Care For Hands And Nails To Survive Excessive Hand Washing
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Soap and sanitizing gel are important for disinfecting but they also dry our skin and weaken our nails

If the Covid-19 pandemic has left us something, it is that washing hands has gone from being something necessary to an essential gesture.

Joaquín Manuel creator of enamels Joaquín Manuel 7 Free Nail Polish Collection, who has launched this line of enamels with health and beauty in mind, began by saying: “I recommend avoiding the use of exaggerated amounts of gel or soap, drying very well hands but without rubbing too much after washing and moisturizing them with emollient creams after each cleaning or, at least, before going to sleep. In addition, we must wear protective gloves when cleaning and disinfecting the house to avoid the damage caused by direct contact with the toxins of detergents, "said Joaquín Manuel.

“It doesn't have to be a great investment. Try to use repairing creams with aloe vera, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, almond or argan oil, glycerin or urea and masks. These are the best allies so that the hands come out of the quarantine in good condition”, added the expert.

Remember that it is not only applying these creams or lotions, they must also be used to massage. Joaquín Manuel explained to us how we should do it: "Apply the cream, work with the thumb, the palm of the hand making circles, stretch finger by finger, work nails and cuticles, do not forget the wrists and extend the excess product to the elbow."

He also shared that for immediate action, he recommends mixing a few drops of facial oil - rosehip, for example - with hand cream. At night, apply a generous layer of mask, put on cotton or wool gloves and leave to act during sleep. A trick: take advantage of the excess of the face masks left in the envelope to apply it to your hands.

On the other hand, the expert recommends that taking advantage of the fact that we stay at home we should let the nails rest from all the chemicals, such as gels, and acrylics. Likewise, he recommends keeping them short to facilitate hygiene. “If your nails are too long, it is better to start by cutting them and not filing them. With the help of a nail clipper, make small cuts from one side of the nail to the other. You never start cutting in the middle, "he added.

Now, stop painting for a few days - or weeks - does not mean neglecting the manicure. The enamels of Joaquín Manuel do not contain the 7 toxic chemicals, these are perfect to start keeping our nails healthy.

The first step is to clean and disinfect your hands and remove any trace of enamel. "It is advisable to choose a nail polish remover that hydrates the nail because most contain a high index of acetone, which greatly dries out its surface layer," warns Joaquín Manuel.

The next step is to exfoliate nails and cuticles with a specific product and circular movements. File and polish. A four-stage file helps add shine without glazing. The cuticles are smoothed and hydrated daily with a drop of oil and pushed into place with an orange stick.

An anti-dryness home remedy: "Dipping nails in warm oil is an ideal solution while we are in quarantine," said the expert.

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