10 Tricks To Put On Makeup And Look 10 Years Younger (PHOTOS)

10 Tricks To Put On Makeup And Look 10 Years Younger (PHOTOS)
10 Tricks To Put On Makeup And Look 10 Years Younger (PHOTOS)
Video: 10 Tricks To Put On Makeup And Look 10 Years Younger (PHOTOS)
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Do you know the makeup tricks that allow you to see up to 10 years younger? Makeup the ability to attenuate the signs of aging -wrinkles or blemishes- that become visible on the face over the years and give you a more youthful and fresh appearance.

The key to subtracting years from your appearance is to go for a discreet makeup, with light or classic tones and soft textures. In addition to this, it is necessary that you hydrate, exercise, eat a diet rich in foods that have zinc, copper, as well as vitamins A, C and E.

We give you some beauty tips so that from now on all the products you have in your makeup bag are your best allies to look younger. Important that these have between 15 and 30 of sun protection factor, recommends the University of New York to block 97% of ultraviolet rays.

1.Let's start with the base: For this purpose, liquid is recommended before pasta or another presentation, as explained by makeup artist Sue Devitt. The reason why it works better is because of its characteristics it “hides” expression lines more when you apply it uniformly. Make sure that it is not greasy, that it is a similar tone to your skin and apply it after cleaning and moisturizing your face.

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2. Say goodbye to powders: After applying the base, it is normal that you want to seal it with powders; however, the only thing you will achieve is to feel recharged and aged. In any case, opt for loose translucent powders to eliminate shine. Nothing else!

3. Your best friend: The concealer! As its name implies, it is to cover all kinds of imperfections such as dark circles. 4. Keep thick eyebrows: A mistake women often make is to pluck their eyebrows almost completely. ERROR! All you do is tighten the features of your face more. Thick eyebrows give a younger look. Make them look like a natural arch and with a considerable thickness.

5. Say "no" to the bottom line: To prevent your gaze from hardening, making you look less tired and dull, put black or brown pencil only on the top of your eyes.

6. More flattering lipstick colors: This area of ​​the body does not get rid of the passage of time because it loses thickness and "wrinkles" are more marked. The professional makeup artist Tina Monzón recommended through Salud180 to rejuvenate them using a pencil of the same shade as your lipstick to paint them.

The shiny, very dark or metallic bars are very heavy, instead choose neutral pink tones that enliven your mouth.

7. Matte shades : These shades blend with the skin and further hide fine lines of expression. What colors to use? Go for a palette with champagne, peach, beige and pink colors because they give light to your eyes. At the time of placing them, it begins from the birth of the eyelashes to the eyebrows. 8. Chin: Fine- tuning the chin makes you look more jovial. The only thing you have to do to achieve this is to use a light coat of makeup based on two shades darker than the neck, which will create a shadow effect on the double chin.

9. Blush: Eucerin experts say that it is from 25 years of age when skin aging begins to affect the appearance and perception of the skin because the substances that make the skin look younger are produced in less quantity, causing visible signs. One of them is the loss of collagen.

To reduce this loss through makeup, it is necessary that when placing the blush you do it at the highest part of the cheekbones to highlight the bone structure.

10. Illuminator: If we had to choose an essential for this younger look, it is undoubtedly the illuminator. The correct way to apply it is on the upper cheekbones, on the sides of the nose, under the eyebrows, on the outside of the septum near the eyes and on the chin. You will look radiant!

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