How To Combine Sunscreen And Makeup Daily

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How To Combine Sunscreen And Makeup Daily
How To Combine Sunscreen And Makeup Daily
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If you wonder: when should I apply sunscreen? Before or after hydration? Does makeup come first or should it be the last thing we apply?

We spoke with the specialist in facial care, the renowned doctor Maribel Pedrozo, "The alchemist of beauty" and pointed out that sunscreens can help delay skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays and prevent the appearance of unwanted spots. "You must make sunscreen your best ally," he added.

Usually we wake up and almost automatically brush our teeth, put on deodorant and put on makeup. But … STOP !, before makeup you must put a filter cream that protects you from UVA and UVB rays.

“Many of my clients ask me the same question because they fear that applying makeup on sunscreen will lose part of the effectiveness of the product, but this is not true. Using the right products and in the indicated order, sun protection is exactly the same and makeup will last longer on your face,”Dr. Pedrozo told us.

How should I apply sunscreen daily?

You may not know it, but if you use the right products you can apply sunscreen as a base to your makeup. Here we explain how to do it to prevent the appearance of moles, spots and wrinkles.

Cleaning is extremely important

We always emphasize that cleaning is essential for your skin, regardless of whether you put on makeup or not. It is very important to use products that are specific to your skin type. For example, the expert recommends :

For normal or dry skin, use traditional make-up remover milks, cleansing oils or syndet soaps, which in addition to removing makeup and impurities from the skin, leaves it hydrated and spongy, and will help you remove traces of sweat, sebum and makeup, moisturizing your skin and leaving it free of an oily feeling.

  • If your skin is mixed to oily, I recommend using a cleansing gel, which in addition to cleaning your skin, controls excess sebum in oily skin.
  • Do not forget to apply a tonic

    Applying toner is essential to complete the cleansing routine balancing hydration. Use a decongestant moisturizing toner to refresh your skin and leave it soft and luminous. In this step we remove the dead cells, which will allow the moisturizer to be better absorbed into the skin.

    Properly hydrates your skin

    “If you want your skin to look fresher, brighter and makeup lasts longer, you must properly hydrate your skin. For this, you need to apply a gel, emulsion or moisturizer that is specific to your skin type. In our Dr. Maribel Pedrozo line we have leather and moisturizers for each skin type. For example 100% Pure Hyaluronic Serum, Lipids With Ceramides and Resveratrol Anti-Aging Peptide Complex, Skin Renew Serum and especially vitamin C; Elixer Vit C Antioxidant Serum 12%”among others, Pedrozo recommended.

    Now apply your sunscreen

    If you did not know at what point in your routine you should apply sunscreen, it is important that you do it immediately after your moisturizing product. "Let's clarify things a bit: the moisturizer is the first thing you should put on, then the protector and finally the makeup.

    “It is essential that we incorporate into our routine the application of a sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving home. Using sunscreen and applying makeup is possible. Remember that sunscreen is your best ally to delay the aging of our skin and make it look always fresh, young and healthy for much longer, "said Dr. Pedrozo.

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