The 'bra' Celebrates A Century Supporting Women

The 'bra' Celebrates A Century Supporting Women
The 'bra' Celebrates A Century Supporting Women
Video: The 'bra' Celebrates A Century Supporting Women
Video: 500 Years of Women's Corsets, Stays, and Bras | A Dress Historian Explains Bustlines & Necklines 2023, February

I just found a hilarious animated graphic, with all the information possible about our eternal ally, the bra (or bra, or bra, as it is known in some countries). Yes, girls, it turns out that the bra is turning 100 years old … a whole century of giving women unconditional support - or rather, support.

According to information, compiled by journalists from the Mexican newspaper Reforma, the bra first appeared in the 19th century, and was featured by Herminie Cadolle. Their invention, they say, is due to the independence that there is from the rest of the corset, giving rise to a more comfortable and above all, breathable bra.

Other interesting facts:

–In 1933 the completely elastic girdle appears; an invention of the French Robert Perier, who later reconfected it

–In the decade 1949-1959 the “oblis” type breasts appeared, that is, those with a conical shape and very prominent. At this time, bras gave the chest a rather aggressive look … It was in these years also when the padded bra was developed

- In 1968, Gossard introduced the revolutionary 'Wonderbra' model

- In 1970, the Women's Lib group burned bras outside the White House, protesting against the submission of women.

To read more fun facts about this great stalker from all of us, click here. Happy birthday, then!

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