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Between The Eyes
Between The Eyes

Video: Between The Eyes

Video: Between The Eyes
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The eyebrows define the expression of your face and harmonize your features. "They can make or break a face. So it is crucial to go to a professional to determine the best way for you,”says Eliza Petrescu, an expert in eyebrow care, who has worked with Jennifer López and Madonna. According to her, you should not underestimate the power of well-maintained eyebrows. "Because if you have the right shape, you will not need any makeup since this will give a glossy, sexy and well-groomed look to your face." Here we give you all the details.

Bushy eyebrows

If you are one of those with a round, heart-shaped face or a very prominent jaw, this type of eyebrows will play in your favor since they will compensate the volume of your face by giving it uniformity.

Thin eyebrows

In the event that you have a small face or eyes, delicate features or a narrow forehead, this type of eyebrows will maintain harmony on the face. Be careful not to overdo it when waxing.

Elongated eyebrows

This type will thin your face if your face is broad or heart-shaped. Try not to make them too long, especially if your face is small, because that will break the balance you want to give your features.

Short eyebrows

If you have a long face, short eyebrows will make it look wider. The straighter the shape, the better. Do not shave them too short in the event that your face is large because it will emphasize the effect.

Arched eyebrows

give a very sensual look. If your face is round or heart-shaped, eyebrows with a very pronounced arch will make it angular. Subtly arched eyebrows will smooth a square face

The perfect eyebrows

The shape

To determine it in the comfort of your home, put a pencil parallel to your nose and where it touches your eyebrow, that's where it should start. To define the arc, place the pencil parallel to the outer corner of the iris, and to decide the length, place it diagonally from the nose, following the outer corner of the eye towards the temple.

Cut and pluck

Comb your eyebrows upward with a spiral brush and trim any excess hairs above the brow line. Never cut those at the end of the eyebrow. Depilate with the help of natural light and just after showering when the skin is flexible. Once the shape is determined, comb the eyebrows upwards and holding the skin with the opposite hand, pluck one hair at a time, with a quick movement, in the direction of its growth. Check both eyebrows as you pluck and step back from time to time so you can look at your entire face.

To finish

Choose the pencil color that goes with your skin tone (in case you have to dye them, remember that the color should be a shade darker than that of your hair). Gently follow the top of the brow line and outline the arch. To cover gaps, use a powder and finish the look using a shaping gel.

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