Dress Economical Fashion

Dress Economical Fashion
Dress Economical Fashion
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Fashion, fashion and more fashion: women today live in a continuous and innovative race to look good and dress even better, keeping track of the seasonal pieces of the great designers.

We love summer dresses, winter coats, autumn boots and, needless to say, shoes and accessories. However, many of us, especially under the current economic situation, must tighten our belts and cannot spend half of our salary on clothing. The truth is, there is no need! If you have the money to spend it at renowned designer stores, go ahead; But if you do not have it, here are some tips to dress fashionable without staying broke.

Buy out of season - The rule is basic: if it is winter, buy summer clothes; If it is summer, buy winter clothes. Clothing stores have huge discounts when it comes to clothing that is out of season.

Key pieces - Not all your clothes have to be branded. Think about the key elements to have in your wardrobe and buy the best ones. It is always essential to have a black cocktail dress, neutral color heels, a pair of jeans, an evening bag and a good coat (in case you live in a city where winter is very cold).

Complement your basic pieces - Once you have your collection of a couple of basic pieces you can complement them with accessories such as rings, earrings, scarves, necklaces and hats that will make you look super fashion without costing your eyes.

Second-hand clothes - One of the favorite places to search for affordable brand clothes for those of us who live in big cities are vintage or second-hand stores. For prices up to three times cheaper you can stock your wardrobe with fashionable items.

“Recycle” - A very good alternative is to attend your friends' garage sales or even redesign your own clothes. A sleeveless winter sweater can be a great alternative for summer.

Check your options online - the Internet offers you a wide variety of inexpensive fashion options, such as the Arrow website.

Create your own style - The most important thing is always to maintain your own style that differentiates you from the others with elements of your own.

Photo: Eileen Bach

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