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Back To School Fashion
Back To School Fashion
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The wonderful summer seems to be going by at full speed and it's time to prepare for going back to school. Within the list of school supplies, books and suitcases there is an element that acquires great importance for our children: clothing. In the United States, contrary to what happens in many Latin countries, the vast majority of girls attend public schools where the uniform does not exist, as does the continuous competition to look good and be aware of the latest fashion trends for the school season. Follow these basic principles so that your daughters come to school in style.

Basic Shorts and Pants - Trends like destroyed jeans as well as jeggins are "out" this season. By contrast, solid-hued shorts and skinny jeans continue to be a mouthful this season. Avoid multi-tone pants and opt for the traditional blue, black or single-tone jean of your favorite color.

Flowers and more flowers- The floral appliques never seem to go out of style, and that is that they speak of the femininity of women. A good alternative is to use a flower dress in two or three shades of the same warmth: colors like red go well with yellows and oranges, blue blends perfectly with green, pastel colors usually give a Even more childish print, fall shades like coffee and terracotta are always a good choice and of course black and white go with it all. You can also use a floral blouse over leggings or a pair of jeans.

Lace and Animal Prints - Lace in different shades like light pink or white or animal skin prints work perfect for t-shirts, blouses, skirts and accessories. Don't take it to the extreme: if you are going to wear wide leopard bracelets, do not wear a printed skirt. It's about always keeping a balance. Lace should be used sparingly and as a flirty detail, but never as a complete piece, unless we are talking about underwear.

Basics - One-tone clothing, vests, jean skirts, and stripes are items that never go out of style. Remember that basic clothing can be wonderfully complemented by bright and eye-catching accessories.

Comfortable shoes s- Remember that in addition to being your first fashion show, the school is a place of learning and activities, so it is important that you wear comfortable shoes that allow you to carry out different activities. Baleta type shoes, sandals and tennis as the converse are a beautiful and comfortable alternative. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes, unless it is an important occasion such as a dance, because even if you look beautiful you will end the school day exhausted.

Remember, it is always important that girls can express their personal style when dressing. Let them choose their clothes, and advise them on the best options. Look for alternatives in the different warehouses according to your own budget.

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