Recreate Look Zoe Saldana

Recreate Look Zoe Saldana
Recreate Look Zoe Saldana

Video: Recreate Look Zoe Saldana

Video: Recreate Look Zoe Saldana
Video: Learn how to recreate Zoe Saldana's gorgeous Oscars up-style! 2023, June

We are already in early December and the high season of the holidays began. For special occasions, transform into a real diva from the 1920s, like Zoe Saldaña did at the Gucci gala at the LACMA museum in Los Angeles.

Fringes and ruffles give a fun look to your look and neutral tones and straight shapes reflect elegance. It is easy to find dresses of this style in chain stores such as H&M (the new Versace collection) and Zara, since these looks are super fashionable.

Accessorize everything you want! Raffia hats, medium heels, long necklaces, rings, bracelets … Accessories are essential to achieve this sophisticated look. Don't forget about them!

Copy Zoe's hairstyle, a high updo rolled up on itself and slightly tousled. With a hot iron, curl some fringe at the front and apply lacquer so that they do not fall apart. Your makeup should be strong, pink lips and liner.

Have fun!

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