Color Use Tangerine Color

Color Use Tangerine Color
Color Use Tangerine Color
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Give a special flavor to your look with the tangerine tone.

This color evokes the characteristic nuances of pop art from the 1960s; It is vibrant and inspires personality, but should be used sparingly.

Tangerine adds natural shine to any skin type and gives a fresh air to your look. Combine it with neutral tones, light accessories and little makeup. Keep in mind that denim blue and white make the warmth of orange stand out so much more. Only on Halloween is it okay to mix orange and black, otherwise this combination doesn't work!

If you want, you can start with accessories such as bracelets, a necklace or a small bag. These will give any pint a warm pop of color.

1. Free People Santolina Floral Tight $ 38

2. Net-A-Porter Notify Achiella corduroy shorts $ 200

3. Coldwater Creek Wing Collar Jacket $ 24

4. Lord & Taylor Cable & Gauge Bowneck Tank top $ 32.40

5. Net-A-Porter Chan Luu Agate Ring $ 155

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