Recreate Look Rachel Bilson

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Recreate Look Rachel Bilson
Recreate Look Rachel Bilson
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We love the modern, spring look that the actress chose for her latest public appearance. Combining several simple and comfortable garments, it achieves an effect with a lot of personality.

Fuchsia pants may seem like a risky bet, but you have to dare! If you don't feel very comfortable in baggy bottom pants like the ones she is wearing, choose a tighter fit around the ankles. You can make variations in the shape, depending on which ones are most flattering to you. The long blazer is a “must have”, an investment that you will not regret having done, it is very practical and will give an elegant touch to all your looks and the white sunglasses provide a fun detail. Although we cannot appreciate the shoes that Rachel is wearing, we are inclined towards some simple straps with a medium heel and retro style that complement the originality of her image.

Beauty tips

Don't complicate your hairstyle, well-groomed and loose hair is the quintessential bohemian look.

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1. Topshop blazer. $ 110

2. Topshop cotton t-shirt $ 28

3. Need Supply Co. Pant $ 58

4. Aerosol Shoes. $ 54.99

5. Michael Kors pendant. $ 65

6. Urban Outfitters bag. $ 69

7. Old Navy sunglasses. $ 9.90

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