Recreate Look Salma Hayek

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Recreate Look Salma Hayek
Recreate Look Salma Hayek

Video: Recreate Look Salma Hayek

Video: Recreate Look Salma Hayek
Video: Макияж в стиле отчаяния Сальмы Хайек 2023, April

We are happy to see the improvements that Salma Hayek is making in her style. It seems that she has left behind the times of big necklines and ultra tight dresses and every day she looks more elegant and more mature.

This is a good example of her new style, at Paris Fashion Week Salma chose an elegant white French sleeve dress that discreetly enhances her curves and complemented it with a snake print wallet and a crystal necklace. murano amber color that breaks the sobriety of the whole.

What does not convince us are the shoes tied to the ankle with a large bow, an unflattering choice for a short woman like her. If she had chosen sandals with a little platform and her dress was a little shorter, the whole outfit would look more stylish.

Beauty tips

Salma's natural makeup can be achieved with a palette of skin tones like Urban Decay's, with which you will always find the color you are looking for. And to make your skin look young and shiny like hers, Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Cream is a quality option without having to pay an astronomical price.

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1. Scuba Skater Dress from Topshop. $ 92.00

2. Caviar anti-aging cream. $ 26.00

3. Urban Decay eye shadows. $ 50

4. Lipstick in Matte Fresh from Make Up Forever. $ 19

5. Murano glass necklace by Antica Murrina. $ 98

6. 'Secret' bag by French Connection. $ 78.90

7. Miss America Sandals by Zuma. $ 39.94

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