Mint Green Spring

Mint Green Spring
Mint Green Spring
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We have seen it on the catwalk, in the famous ones and on the street; mint green reigns on the palette this spring and although at first it may seem like a difficult color to wear or to combine, we will tell you how to do it and we will bring you a selection of eight garments and accessories at a very good price that will bring a breath fresh air to your wardrobe.

You can start by introducing color into your styles with something simple, like a cotton top. You can combine it with black, gray or nude pants or blazers for example, but you can try all kinds of color combinations, you will see how the result will surprise you. Also in the pants we are going to see a lot of mint green, you can substitute your usual jeans for ones like those from Top Shop and get a more fun look.

Sunglasses for spring

You can also update your style with accessories such as sunglasses, scarves and belts, with which you will get a fresh and fun touch. Sandals like Steve Maden's, original and with absolute trends, will take center stage in your styles and you can wear them with almost anything.

Another very special option is a strapless baby doll dress with a bee panel, which could seem boring in hues such as white or black that we have seen so much previously, but in mint green it takes on a very sweet and special romantic touch. And finally do not forget to update your swimwear, with a bikini like this you will not only get a very original and elegant look, you will also be in a rabid trend. Cool off!

1. Topshop pants. $ 80

2. Roxy sunglasses. $ 49.95

3. Mara Hoffman's bikini. $ 88

4. Mia Zia's scarf. $ 46

5. Mod Cloth dress. $ 48.99

6. Topshop Belt. $ 28

7. Steve Madden sandals. $ 69.97

8. Topshop Top. $ 36

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