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Weekly Look
Weekly Look
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At Siempre Mujer we are looking for a way to make it easier for you to follow trends in fashion and beauty. Therefore, we propose this weekly look of the most appropriate for your day-to-day, whether you are going to work in any environment, or if at the end of the working day you want to wear it to go have a drink with friends.

This style is made up of daring floral pants in discreet tones and adapted to winter. With a simple basic top, along with comfortable ankle boots and the black leather jacket you will achieve an appropriate and discreet balance.

We recommend that you accompany it with a gray bag and a scarf in dark tones. A large ring that stands out will provide dynamism and freshness.

Use a green enamel and a chocolate-colored eyeshadow and try to achieve a harmony between look and makeup, since we do not want to overdo it since it is a look that we will use on a daily basis.

1. AE $ 20 T-shirt

2. Mango pants $ 60

3. $ 90 Zara shoes

4. H&M Scarf $ 15

5. Mango Jacket $ 130

6. Top Shop Bag $ 76

7. Topaz Shadow $ 22 by Laura Mercier

8. Kink enamel $ 14 by Illamasqua

9. $ 5 Forever21 ring

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