How To Combine Mono?

How To Combine Mono?
How To Combine Mono?

Video: How To Combine Mono?

Video: How To Combine Mono?
Video: How to combine mono and tandem trike by DTpropeller 2023, June

We do not always dare to wear this type of clothing because we do not know if we will be right when combining it. We think they are for tall and slim women, but this is not true, there is always a way to create the desired effect!

Choose shoes with a pronounced heel, it does not matter if they are ankle boots or shoes. These heels will lengthen your legs and stylize the figure, which is the main objective.

On the other hand, a large bag makes us thinner, so if your intention is to look like this, discard small handbags and replace them with larger ones.

For this brown color it is important that both the shoes and the bag are in lighter tones, a beige or a very light pink will be safe bets. You should say goodbye to darker colors like black or navy blue.

Being a single garment, it is convenient that you use many jewelry accessories so that your look is not boring. Do not overload yourself, but this time it is better to carry more than less.

Use highlighters that highlight your face, in chocolate and cream tones and don't forget a fun pink glaze with a marble effect.

Finally, it creates a halo of sophistication with a distinguished perfume like Prada's.

1. Mango jumpsuit $ 100

2. BCBGeneration ankle boots $ 149

3. $ 50 Zara bag

4. Forever21 Clock $ 25

5. $ 3 Forever21 bracelet

6. $ 13 Urban Outfitters Necklace

7. Illamasqua Speckled pink enamel $ 16

8. Bobbi Brown Brightening Nudes Illuminator $ 50

9. Prada Candy Perfume $ 80

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