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Elegant Sophisticated
Elegant Sophisticated
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Black is a color that is distinguished by its sophistication and elegance. Unlike many others, it adapts to all circumstances and is very versatile.

If your intention is to go out to dinner on a work day and you do not have enough time to go home to change, it is best to choose a black dress that can be worn in both settings.

During the day at the office you can wear it with flat shoes and a large bag. And at night, you just have to add some heels with some metallic or gold touch and a matching belt with which you look more glamorous.

Put your hair up with an ornament and apply some shades in chocolate or cinnamon tones with a gloss finish. For lips and nails there will be nothing better than a classic red lipstick and a polish in the same color with glosses. In this way, your look will give a radical change.

Since we are still in a cold time of the year, a coat is a must. In this case we have chosen one with a long cut and a minimalist style.

Follow these simple tips to adapt the same dress to two different occasions

1. $ 40 Top Shop dress

2. $ 90 Zara shoes

3. Mango coat $ 90

4. H&M Bag $ 35

5. Piperlime Belt $ 42

6. H&M Hair Accessory $ 5

7. Bobbi Brown Bone $ 28 Shadow

8. NARS Fire Down Below Lipstick $ 26

9. Essie's Leading Lady Enamel $ 8

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