"Chic" Woman

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"Chic" Woman
"Chic" Woman

Video: "Chic" Woman

Video: "Chic" Woman
Video: Mohammad heshmati محمد حشمتي مجنون نبودم ☆ 2023, April

A chic look is the combination of a casual style, but with small touches of glamor.

To achieve this, you must add to your styles some shiny element, high-heeled shoes, glasses and large bracelets. But you must be careful not to exceed the barrier of chic to excessive, and recharge your look unnecessarily!

For this reason, the weekly style that we propose is based on classically cut garments such as the basic black t-shirt, with some sensuality brought to it by red pants and high-heeled sandals, perfect for the spring season.

As for accessories, glasses and bracelets are essential, and there is no makeup more sensual than powerful red lips and a look reinforced with an eyeliner. The blush will give us the shine we need on the cheeks.

Take a risk to wear this style and you will look very chic

1. Matches T-shirt $ 59

2. Mango pants $ 45

3. Top Shop Sandals $ 130

4. $ 129 Zara bag

5. Cups by Nieman Marcus bracelet $ 40

6. $ 7 H&M glasses

7. $ 24 Cherry Red Lipstick by Bite

8. $ 22 eyeliner from smashbox

9. Cheek Flush $ 29 NARS Orgasm

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