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Retro Spring
Retro Spring
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To get a retro style it is not necessary that all your clothes look old or very worn, you just need to resort to trends from other times that you like and with which you feel safe.

In this case, we have chosen a crop top with a floral print, typical of the 80s and 90s, but which once again becomes one of the indispensable trends of this spring 2013.

Combining the shirt with sandals with wide straps and high heels, which evoke past times, we get the retro air that we are looking for in a simple way. The rest of the garments and accessories of the look are basic that we can use on more occasions.

On the other hand, one of the new makeup trends that have emerged this year is the colored eyelashes. Your mascara doesn't need to be just black anymore, try a neon pink for this occasion and add light to your cheeks with a pink blush.

For this look to be complete, a coral enamel to match the rest of the shades of the style is essential.

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