Hello Pastel Colors

Hello Pastel Colors
Hello Pastel Colors
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Pastel colors are another of the spring trends, not only in clothing, but also in accessories and makeup.

These light shades like green or pink are very daring and bring a certain romantic air.

To know how to combine pastel colors it is necessary that you achieve a balance, not all your clothes must be in these tones by obligation. In this example, we counterbalance the strength and liveliness of the mint green pants, with a beige or nude T-shirt and bag.

For footwear, avoid black shoes, which, although they do not look bad, are not the best option. High top sandals with pastel accents are the best way to balance the look.

Finally, it includes details such as hair accessories or necklaces that stand out so that the style does not look too flat.

As for makeup, these shades favor all women, regardless of their skin or hair color.

Put a sweet pink on your lips and accompany it with a green or pink shade, you can choose the one you like best! And it ends with a green enamel.

1. Mango pants $ 40

2. BCBGeneration Sandals $ 118

3. $ 148 by J.Crew Necklace

4. H&M $ 13 T-shirt

5. Forever21 Bag $ 28

6. Accessorize Forks $ 8

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9. $ 6 Sweet Watermelon Lipstick by Neutrogena

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