Tropical Inspiration

Tropical Inspiration
Tropical Inspiration
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Video: Tropical Inspiration 2023, February

Do you want to refresh your style with this tropical inspiration? Even if you are not on vacation, clothes and accessories with this theme are in fashion!

This style is based on colors such as neon yellow, light blue or lime, which are mixed with darker ones such as green or black, we could all find them in nature.

This look lets us experiment with all the freedom we want!

For this reason, in this example we have chosen a dress with the floral and palm print at knee height and pleats on the skirt. Due to their mix of colors, it allows us to play with the combination of them in yellow esparto sandals and coral scarf.

As a fun touch, some earrings in the shape of bananas and sunglasses, indisputable staple of sunny summer days.

Lastly, a light blue enamel and a pink lipstick are the ideal mix of cold and warm colors.

1. $ 158 French Connection Dress

2. Top Shop Sandals $ 84

3. Charm & Chain Earrings $ 130

4. Anthropologie Glasses $ 38

5. $ 25 Mango scarf

6. SpaRitual Delight Enamel $ 10

7. $ 20 Watermelon Lipstick from Make Up For Ever

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